What's Your Gumergency?! {Giveaway}

Have you ever been at work and while talking to your colleague discover either you or they had an extreme case of bad breath? Do you remember when you went on that first date when you were sipping on an espresso or cup of coffee and realized your breath was less than stellar? These are just a few examples of social situations that can be classified as a Gumergency – a situation where you (or someone you know) is in desperate need of gum! I can definitely remember a few times where I was in a Gumergency. This usually happens either when I've just finished eating at a restaurant and forgot to take that mint they give you once you pay your bill and then you just so happen to run into someone you know, perfect timing, right?! LOL

Sunday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day and we want our readers to enjoy the coffee beverages they love while avoiding uncomfortable scenarios.  So we've teamed up with Excel to host a giveaway for our readers to win a Gumergency kit they've created as a perfect solution for freshening your breath in a pinch. 

Why do we chew?
Many Canadians experience “Gumergencies™” (breath-related emergencies) every day. Here are their 
top five reasons to chew gum:
1. To freshen breath after a meal 
2. To freshen breath after drinking coffee
3. To reduce hunger/curb appetite
4. To get closer to someone
5. To help stay awake

So to enter to win this Gumergency Kit pictured above, all you need to do is leave a comment below sharing with us your own bad breath experience you may have encountered before. Good luck!


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