Tints of Nature Review

Tints of Nature has revamped their packaging and is introducing five new fashion
shades to their line of permanent hair color. The ammonia free formula is a natural and gentle
way to effectively color hair and provide 100% coverage of!greys! Choose from 24 rich colors ranging from true natural Black to an on trend Extra Light Blonde Colors can also be mixed together to create a signature look. Whichever tone you choose, Tints of Nature will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.

New fabulous fashion shades are; Very Light Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde, Medium Ash Brown,
Fiery Red and Dark Copper blonde.

Their eco friendly, natural looking packaging helps Tints of Nature stand out as the hair color with
no strong smelling damaging ammonia, no resorcinol (a pigment), no parabens, no propylene 
glycol, and the lowest possible levels of PPDs (paraphenylenediamines-pigment) plus the highest
quality, mildest form of peroxide. This advanced formulation, created by Herb UK’s hair care
professionals, contains natural and up to 60% certified organic ingredients including orange, aloe,
comfrey, grapefruit and chamomile combined with plant extracts and Vitamins C and E, that will
enhance, protect and moisturize your hair.

I had they opportunity to try one of Tints of Nature newly look and shade, Medium Ash Brown. I always dye my hair, have for years, and usually dye it with the same brand. This has been going on forever. I have to say change is good and I loved Tints of Nature and how my hair turned out. The fact that it’s free from ammonia was great as the dye didn’t have the normal hair dye smell. I was able to put the dye on and off without any problems. The smell of the shampoo after dying my hair was delightful and the conditioner felt great after rinsing it out of my hair. I could feel the difference from before and after on how softer my hair was, even after I blow-dried it. The overall best part was it covered my grey hairs that had started to come in, thank goodness!  I would definitely use this product again, the outcome of my hair colour turned out better then I had imagined.

The new and improved Tints of Nature is now on selected shelfs retailing at $18.99 and worth every penny. You can find them at Zehrs, Loblaws, YIGS, Superstores, Fortinos and Whole Foods.

~ Liisa

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received one box of Tints of Nature at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Shame Blu-Ray DVD Combo Review

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a New Yorker who shuns intimacy with women but feeds his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his wayward younger sister (Carey Mulligan) moves into his apartment and stirs up memories of their shared painful past, Brandon’s insular life spirals out of control.

The SHAME Blu-ray Combo Pack presentation features a premium high definition Blu-ray loaded with special features, a DVD version of the film and Digital Copy.  Get a behind-the-scenes look at McQueen’s groundbreaking vision with exclusive extras and featurettes. 

SHAME Blu-ray Combo Pack Features:
·         Focus on Michael Fassbender
·         Director Steve McQueen
·         The Story of Shame
·         A Shared Vision
·         Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character With Michael Fassbender
·         Theatrical Trailer

Shame was a very interesting movie. I must say this is not for children at all, it’s very exposed. I’ll be honest I did not finish the entire movie, this was not a movie for me and made me a bit uncomfortable watching it. What I thought the movie was going to be and what it turned out to be were completely different. The main character in this movie its obviously having issues with him self with either his self esteem or sexual issues. I thought this movie could have done without so many nudity scenes, it distracted me from paying attention to the story line of this film, which caused me not to finish it. Although this was not a movie for me I'm sure others may enjoy it. If you do decide to watch it make sure your kids are not around as this has a lot of nudity.

~ Liisa

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Shame at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Headline Shirts Review & Giveaway

Headline Shirts are known for creating intelligently funny shirts. They're an Eco-Friendly company that uses Eco-friendly inks and materials and also ship their shirts out with  compostible bags. Now you can not only grab a shirt for yourself and/or spouse, but you can grab one for your little one as they have just launched their shirts in kid sizes. 

If you remember, Bobbi reviewed a woman’s adult shirt from Headline Shirts a couple of months ago and loved the shirt. So when I had the opportunity to pick out one of the shirts from the new kids line from Headline Shirts I was more then thrilled. The new kids shirts come in sizes 2T, 4T, 6, 8 and 10. I chose a size six shirt for my son who is six years old.

He absolutely loved the logo on the shirt, Dark Vader hitting the piñata. I thought the shirt washed very well and that the material was very light, which is good for my son because he tends to sweat a lot. After washing the shirt I noticed that the shirt didn't shrink much either witch was another bonus.

To keep in the know of what's going on with Headlines shirts make sure to check out their Twitter and Facebook Page.

~ Liisa

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a shirt from Headlines at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. A big thank you to Headlines for providing the giveaway. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wizards 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + Book Review

Twentieth Century Fox’s first-ever animated film, created by renowned director Ralph Bakshi, WIZARDS appears in a 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + Book was released on March 13 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the “epic fantasy of peace and magic” stars the voice talent of Mark Hamill (Star Wars Saga).  The special edition Blu-ray + Book release is a must-have for fans and collectors, featuring 24-pages of amazing artwork from the film, some of the artwork never-before-seen, and a special message from Bakshi!

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, this fantasy adventure follows the story of Avatar, the kindly, eccentric sorcerer-ruler of Montagar, a rainbow paradise inhabited by elves and fairies.  Avatar's evil brother, Blackwolf, dominates Scortch, a bleak land of goblins and wraiths.  When the power-hungry Blackwolf attacks Montagar, Avatar, accompanied only by a spirited young woman and a courageous elf, must enter the darkness of Scortch to save his world.

I enjoyed this little blast from the past.  My son didn’t think he’d like it because it was “old”…turns out he thought it was pretty cool.  We have a 35th Anniversary Edition which came packed like an old fashioned board story book filled with background information on Ralph Bakshi  and on the movie and animation. It was interesting for the kids to see animation the way Mom and Dad saw it “way back then”. It was a great movie night with the kids.  We all ending up laughing to all the stories me and my husband told about when we were kids.

~ Bobbi

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Wizards at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Love & Haight Review

Love and Haight

Title: Love & Haight
By: Susan Carlton
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Publication Date: March 3, 2012
ISBN: 9780805080971
Pages: 192

It’s 1971, and seventeen-year-old Chloe and her best friend MJ head to San Francisco to ring in the New Year. But Chloe has an ulterior motive—and a secret. She’s pregnant and has devised a plan not to be. In San Francisco’s flower-power heyday, it was (just about) legal to end her pregnancy.
But as soon as the girls cross the Golden Gate, the scheme starts to unravel amid the bellbottoms, love-beads, and bongs. Chloe’s secrets escalate until she betrays everyone she cares about. MJ, who has grave doubts about Chloe’s plan. Her groovy aunt Kiki, who’s offered the girls a place to crash. Her self-absorbed mother meditating back in Phoenix. And maybe, especially, the boy she wishes she’d waited for.

This was an interesting book.  I was a little disturbed by some of the choices but it did help me understand what a difference life is like before or even just after pro-choice came into effect.  I wasn’t alive in the ’70s so it’s crazy how differently the same circumstances today would be both judged and handled. I do think it was a good book.  It was easy to read and understand.

~ Alexis

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Love & Haight at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

March 2012 Glossy Box Review

Great thanks to Beauty Trend Services for providing me the opportunity to be a part of their Glossy Box subscription program!  Visit www.glossybox.ca to get full details on how this program works – it’s quite simple – register/subscribe (currently $15 a month) and each month you will receive an exquisitely wrapped gift box containing  5 (or more) luxury beauty products. 

I reviewed the March 2012 Glossy box.  My first impression was delightful because the packaging (in black and pink floral with ribbons and tissue) is remarkable!  My glossy box contained: Aveeno daily moisturising lotion, Bailey Cosmetics lip gloss, Evian facial spray, Pandora’s blush, Sebastian re-shaper hairspray, and as an extra this month, a sample packet of Algemarin foam bath. I don’t think the products are full-sized…I would say most of them are equivalent to a travel size – larger than a sample size but not quite regular sized. Nothing but compliments over here as every product in this box won me over. I was already a fan of Aveeno's lotion so this was a bonus getting this in my box.

After reading through the website, I was happy to see you could fill out a beauty profile and your boxes will be more selectively matched with your styling preferences!

Also via Glossy Box's Facebook Page GLOSSYBOX members save 40% off the online purchase of Bailey Cosmetics 5 Easy Piece Kit and Bailey's luxurious 5 piece Beauty Tools Kit with the promo code BAILEY, expiring 05/13/12. 

Visit www.beautyneversleeps.com/glossybox, password BAILEY.

~ Maggie

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the March Glossy Box at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Natural-U Daily Body Rub & All Purpose Skin Balm Review

Natural U was created by Catherine, a mother who was tired of suffering from sore, dry and cracked skin on her hands and not finding any products that were able to help her. She also wanted to create a product that was 100% natural and organic, which lead her to creating both her Natural Body Rub and All Purpose Skin Balm. 

The All Purpose balm is used for dry cracked sore skin on the hands, dry lips, dry heels, burns, sun burn, dry elbows and as a night time facial moisturizer, wonderful for sensitive skin, This product is suitable from birth and even works amazingly well for nappy rash and eczema this really is an 'all purpose balm!!!' This balm cured Catherine's dry cracked eczema hands.

The Daily body rub is used for sore tense muscles on the back of the neck and across the shoulders. This wonderful balm also works really well for headaches and tiredness when rubbed on the temples. This can be used anywhere on the body after exercise to relieve tired, sore or tense muscles.

It was an absolute pleasure reviewing the 100% natural and organic ‘natural-u’ daily body rub and all-purpose balm!  I was anxious to give it a try after the last several months of dry winter heat had left my skin cracked and itchy, I knew I would certainly put this product to the ultimate test.  I sincerely love this product!  It glides over dry skin and leaves a perfect feeling of hydration, nothing sticky or greasy.  And it’s made with 100% natural ingredients so on top of enjoying soft skin again, I have the peace of mind knowing I’m not absorbing harsh chemicals.  Sincere thanks to ‘natural-u’ for providing me the opportunity to review such a fantastic product! You can find Natural-U on Facebook, Twitter and to purchase your own body balm and rub you can visit their website

~ Maggie
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received both All Purpose Balm and Body Rub at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Flicka: Horse Care Checklist Printable

Flicka Country Pride is available for you to purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 1st, but until then if you are a young horse rider or know someone who is, this Horse Care Checklist is available for you to print out and use.

This checklist provides information and tips on how a young riders can care for and treat horses, which is one of the big themes in the movie, Flicka.


Free Camp For The Kids and A Vacation For You #CircleSquare

Last month I posted about The Pioneer Camp Contest and shared with you all about my first and only camp experience. Well today I want to share with you another great contest that you could enter from Circle Square Camp. This includes the same benefits, a trip for you and a friend/spouse to Punta Cana along with having your kiddos away and enjoying camp for free. How great is that? 

My camp experience was with my church, but boy was it fun. Spending some time away from family and just hanging out, being able to meet new people and creating new friendships, learning new crafts, singing songs, one of the best memories that will be with me forever. I think this is a great experience for every child to go through, especially with how everything now and days are spent on technology. A week or two with just spending time with friends, talking, playing outdoors would do our kids some good. 

Why not enter to send your kiddos to Circle Square Camp? Circle Square Camp is a life changing camp for kids and teens. They are a part of the ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada and are dedicated to meet the needs of children and youth across Canada. Circle Square Ranch is also a Christian, non-denominational, non-profit organization, welcoming youth of any faith and race. They encourage young lives to grow spiritually, mentally, socially and physically in an exciting, fun-filled and safe “adventure experience”. 

Circle Square Camp Contest entry Steps:  


Once the participant enters the contest they will receive one ballot / contest. The participant can receive more ballots by sharing their contest PURL(s) with their online connections. There are 3 easy share buttons at the end of the entry form; Facebook, Twitter and Email, but any and all social channels can be used. They will just have to cut and paste their PURL(s) where they want to share it.

Your friends may receive an email with your unique link. The more people that sign up from your PURL, the more extra ballots you will receive and the higher your chances are of winning the contest.

Once done you will get to pick from the following Bonus Offers and print the coupons you want. The coupons will also get emailed to you in case you don't want to print them out right away. 

Contest Period: March 21, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. EST (“Eastern Time”) and ends on June 15, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST - Canadian Residents Only (excluding Quebec).

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I am a Pioneer Camps & Circle Square Ranch Camp Ambassador, this post has been compensated.

American Dad Volume 7 DVD Review

It's time once again to let it all hang out with an all-new volume of animated outrageousness! From the disturbed comic minds of Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, comes the always insane adventures of CIA operative Stan Smith and his wonderfully twisted family. In the 100th episode, Hayley elopes with Jeff! Other episodes include Stan on jury duty, Steve walking in on his amorous parents, Roger dating Steve's best friend, and yet another AD Christmas classic. Plus, there are serial killers, Turkish amphetamines, and evil clones - so, you know, the usual!

We got a chance to review American Dad Volume Seven and so over the weekend when the kids went to bed that's just what the hubby and I did. This wasn't our first time viewing this show, we've seen a few of the episodes on Fox and we found it pretty similar to Family Guy. The adult humor and jokes were pretty funny to watch throughout all the episodes. This is definitely something we would never let our children watch, so make sure your little ones are tucked in if you're going to put this on. If you are a big Family Guy fan, this is definitely something you could easily start watching. And if you are an American Dad fan, make sure to pick up Volume Seven, now available in stores!


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received American Dad Volume Seven at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Spring Playlist 2012: What Are You Listening To?

I don't think I've done a music playlist post since December. Wow, that's been a pretty long time. It's Spring now and I've been listening to tons of different music since then. So I thought I'd list the top couple of songs I've been obsessing listening to over the last few weeks and I hope that you'll share with me what you've been listening to in the comments below. I love finding new music to listen to especially music suggested by you.

1. Gavin Degraw - Soldier (I've been in love with this song since the series finale of One Tree Hill)
2. Gym Class Heros - Ass Back Home
3. Walk Off The Earth - Somebody That I Use To Know (Yep, still loving this song.)
4. Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound (I like Taylor Swift, but love that this is completely different then most of her music.)
5. Fun - We Are Young
6. Train - Drive By
7. Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up
8. Flo Rida ft. Sia - Wild Ones
9. Carly Ray Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (Laugh all you want, this song is catchy and once you have a glass of wine or two and/or you live with a six year old girl you'll be dancing around the kitchen with a banana in your hand as a phone lip syncing to this, lol.)

~ LaQuita

What Are You Listening To?

Blueberry Angel Food Cake

I haven't posted a recipe in forever, whoops, my bad! With all the reviews and upcoming reviews we have going on there wasn't much time, but I think we're all back to normal and up to date, I think. (Crosses fingers) 

This recipe I found from my Aunt's pinterest board and thought I'd give it a try. It's simple, it's easy and it's Angel Food Cake, which isn't too bad especially when you're trying to loose weight. This is a delicious dessert or snack you can treat yourself to without feeling so guilty. The best part is, it's two recipes, I KID YOU NOT!


1 Box Angel food Cake Mx
1 Can Blueberry Pie Filling (approx 22 oz can)

Mix both ingredients together and spread in 13 x 9 baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 28-30 minutes. That's it. Let stand for about an hour to cool down and enjoy with a dab of whipped cream! (Optional for the whip cream, of course!)

Thirsty Thursday: Cupcake Wine Review & Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I posted on twitter about a special delivery I got that I couldn't wait to try out. So for this Thirsty Thursday (which I know it's been a couple weeks since our last one, whoops!) it's all about Cupcake Wine.

Cupcake Vineyards wines were introduced nationally in 2008 from California’s Central Coast and represented a finely crafted, fruit-forward, indulgent and eminently approachable style of wine. The inaugural release included Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Since then, Adam has used his global wine making experience and relationships around the world to add seven international wines to the Cupcake lineup, including such renowned regions as Marlborough New Zealand; Mendoza Argentina; Italy’s Prosecco, Trentino and Asti regions; Barossa Valley, Australia; and Germany’s Mosel.

I was sent two bottles from Cupcake Wine, their Chardonnay and Red Velvet. I'm big on wine, more so Chardonnay then red. I'm no expert, I just know what I like and know what I don't like. In this case I have to say I was more of a fan with their Red Velvet wine, then the Chardonnay, which surprised even me. Both wines were very delightful and tasteful, not too strong in taste or overpowering. 

On the noise the Red Velvet smelled and had the hint of a red velvet cake/cupcake and that's probably what drew me to favor it more. When I first sipped on it I could taste a bit of mixed berries and a hint of chocolate. It's not too sweet and doesn't leave you with an oakey taste to it, which was great. It was very decadent and flavorful. This wine is a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It's best paired with foods such as sweet and spicy Hoisin steak, a barbecue bacon cheese burger or even dark chocolate fondue, but I would have this for a dessert, that's just me. What I also loved about this is that it costs around $12, which is very affordable. If you were serving this to your guest at a dinner party you'd leave them thinking that it was an expensive purchase. 

Now for the Chardonnay on the nose I smelled some what of a citrus smell and while taking my first sip there was a taste of apple with a hint of nutmeg and vanilla, which I thought worked out very nicely. It also has a sweet creamy taste which works out well, very "cupcake" like. Very flavorful as well and delicious. You can taste a bit of oak to it, but it's not too strong and over powerful. It's a very light wine. The Chardonnay is best served chilled and paired with foods such as crab cakes, seared Ahi tuna on waffle crackers or fresh-baked French bread and cheese. This too is very affordable priced at around $12. And for it being inexpensive it's worth giving it a shot.


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received two bottles of Cupcake Wine at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. A big thank you to the PR Company for providing the giveaway prize.


Thanks to the lovely PR firm, we're giving away a gift basket with not one, not two, but three bottles of wine to one lucky reader. You'll be getting the Chardonnay, Red Velvet and the not yet released Angel Food Wine, which I'm excited to try once it's out this Summer at the LCBO!


Nature's Sleep Slippers Review & Giveaway

Nature's Sleep is the leader of memory foam mattressesVisco Pillows, and other memory foam products which include quality well made slippers and pet beds . Their mission is to provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy a better night's sleep at affordable prices, while maintaining a concern for our environment.

I had the opportunity to review a pair of their memory foam slippers. There are two styles of slippers, open and closed. I chose the open toe slippers in lavender.

Open Toe Terry Slippers w/Memory Foam

I'm a WAHM, so I'm home for the majority of the day if I'm not running errands. When I'm not at my computer desk I'm constantly going up and down my stairs from one level to the next cleaning, putting away clothes, etc. around the house. It's important for me to have comfort in a pair of durable slippers that will last. 

So when it comes to finding a great pair of slippers to walk around the house with I usually went and bought a pair at my local Walmart or a store similar and purchase a pair that cost me less than $10. It never occurred to me to spend a lot of money on slippers, but within a couple of months the slippers that I purchased wouldn't last. By the time it was time to either wash them, they would already fall apart. Which is when I'd just throw them away and purchase a new pair. Which ended up costing me more then just going out to buy a really descent pair of slippers.

With Nature's Sleep slippers, not only have these lasted this last month, but they aren't too bad in price valuing between $25-$30. They are very comfortable and very easy to just slip back on. They've been very durable as well as these have already been in the wash and dryer and have came out looking nice and new.

I guess it's true what they say, you get what you pay for.


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a pair of Nature's Sleep Slippers at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. A big thank you to Nature's Sleep for providing the giveaway prize.

Love's Everlasting Courage DVD Review & Giveaway

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Hallmark Channel’s captivating saga returns with another touching film based on the best-selling Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke.  Centering on family values in the 19th century, the heartwarming story, LOVE’S EVERLASTING COURAGE, enlightens on DVD May 8 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Clark Davis (Wes Brown, “True Blood”) struggles to maintain his land and support his family during a long drought.  With a bank loan to repay, his wife, Ellen (Julie Mond, “General Hospital”) takes a job in town as a seamstress, but soon becomes ill with scarlet fever.  Devastated to lose his beloved wife, Clark and his young daughter turn to his parents for support.  Clark must find a way to save his farm and survive Ellen's death without losing the person he loves most: his daughter.

What a great opportunity it was to watch the movie, Love’s Everlasting Courage, the title says it all in this movie.

I’ve always loved the old movie settings from back in the day with the horse and carriage, like, Little House on The Prairie, the hard work people do in order to survive. This movie is about a very close loving family that goes through a lot .Clark Davis, the husband, really shows and proves his love for his family. Then there is the beautiful sweet mother, Ellen Davis, that also shows her love and devotion to her family. They have a little girl named, Missy, she’s a sweet little thing that tries hard to help out as much as she could. Then there was Clarks parents, they played a big part in his life, truly full of values and knowledge, “A parent will do anything for their child.” Ben and Sara are good friends to the family helping out in more ways than one in this movie.

I don’t want to give away too much in this great movie but I must say as the times have changed it’s amazing what we have today and what we should be thankful for, like, phones. Back in the day if someone was to get really sick they would have to ride to call on their doctor. Scarlet Fever was a big illness among others back then and a lot of people lost loved ones from it.

 I truly recommend this movie it’s a tear jerker for sure. I cried a few times. It’s a family movie, but can be considered a chick flick, I guess, as my husband fell asleep during it, but in the end the movie makes you thankful for what you have in life. “Always keep your heart open.” 


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Love's Everlasting Courage on DVD at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. A big thank you to the PR company for providing the giveaway prize.

CattleBoyZ BBQ Sauce & Seasonings Review & Giveaway

In the beginning, CattleBoyZ Original BBQ Sauce was developed by a cattle rancher in Alberta, Canada who did not want to mask the taste of his beef with an overpowering sauce, but enhance it. CattleBoyZ Original started out on the ranch, but today it’s sold throughout North America. CattleBoyZ Foods has brought this Albertan’s savory sauce to the marketplace along with a second flavour – Cattle Boyz Honey Hot BBQ Sauce.

Since the introduction of CattleBoyZ Original BBQ Sauce, CattleBoyZ has also added a few extra BBQ sauces, like, their Sweet Chili, Southern Q and their Wing and Hot Sauce. Not only do they have BBQ sauces, but they also carry seasonings to make your meat, veggies, etc. even better. 

If you follow me on twitter you might remember a few weeks ago me tweeting about receiving an awesome present just in time for grilling. We had the pleasure of reviewing the CattleBoyZ Starter kit which included Original and Sweet Chili BBQ sauce along with four of their seasonings, Gourmet, Smokey Southwest Seasoning & Rub, Big Country Garlic Seasoning and their Smokin' & Grillin' Rub and boy did we enjoy them.

We were already a fan of their Sweet Chili sauce. We buy it all the time at our local Costco's. I find the sweet chili to be amazing on chicken and works great on stir fry if you want a little kick to it. We never tried the original BBQ sauce and now after tasting it I'm wondering why we never thought to check and look for it. It's delicious on chicken, ribs, pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it. I love that it has a little bit of a tangy-ness and that it's not too hot, just right so that my kiddos can enjoy too.

As for their seasonings, oh boy were they ever good. If you're cooking on the grill, crock-pot or on your stove, these seasonings will sure make your food taste wonderful. My favorite had to be the Big Country Garlic Season. Although all were really good, I loved that I could add this seasoning to potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, chicken and so much more and I loved how the outcome turned out. 

Definitely worth the try if you haven't already had CattleBoyZ, you won't be disappointed at all, I promise! 


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the CattleBoyZ Starter Kit at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

The Man From Snowy River Blu-Ray Review

Man From Snowy River BD.jpg

Featuring Kirk Douglas in a remarkable dual role and highlighted by a climactic chase involving 40 horsemen and 90 wild stallions thundering across snow-covered peaks, THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER is destined to become a legendary film. Set during the 1880's, when the Australian frontier was as wild and dangerous as the American West, the film follows the exploits of a handsome youth (Tom Burlinson) who sets out to tame a wild herd of horses. Taking on a challenge many men had attempted before him, he rides deep into the treacherous and untamed wilderness of his native timberlands where boys become men fast - or die trying.

This is a classic western style movie, only set in Australia rather then the wild west.  It is a story of perseverance, and will.  The hubby and I love watching westerns, him more then me, but when I do sit down to really watching any western, I end up staying for the entire movie. This was no different. The story line of the movie was very thorough and straight to the point. Tom Burlinson who is the star of the movie (Jim) and Sigrid Thornton his leading lady (Jessica) have a great chemistry.  Accompanied by one of the all time great actors Kirk Douglas who plays two parts Jessica’s father and estranged uncle rounds out the cast quite well. Definitely a movie that belongs in any classic collection of westerns.  


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received The Man From Snowy River at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile Review

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile
By: James Reese
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Publication Date: April 10, 2012
ISBN:   9781596436848
Pages: 368

It's 1870, and a young woman named Odile is fighting to survive on the blood-soaked streets of Paris. Luckily, Odile has an advantage and a bizarre birthright. She is descended from the Cagots, a much-despised race whose women were reputed to be witches. Were they, in fact? This is the question Odile must answer--about her ancestors and herself--while she uses her talents to help a young Doctor Jekyll who seems to be abusing the salts that she gave him in a most disconcerting way.

This is certainly a twist on a classic story.  The setting of war torn Paris in the late 1800’s is extremely well depicted, with views and experience hardly heard.  The author goes into great detail while setting up the characters and the scene.  While also giving hints of things to come since the narration is of Mademoiselle Odile herself retelling the horrible events of years past. 

 It is quite a story, leading the reader through the emotions of Odile, and state of mind of rebellious Paris.  A well written adapatation of a timeless classic, a great addition to any library.  

~ LaQuita

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Celebrate the Release of IAMS Senior Plus Pet Food

IAMS launched their Senior Plus here in Canada at the end of March. To celebrate the launch, Canadians are encouraged to visit www.facebook.com/Iams under “Iams Canada” and create a pet profile for a chance for their senior pet to become the Iams Senior Plus “Pet of the Week” during the month of April.

As pets enter the Senior Plus life stage, changes may occur on the inside that are not evident on the outside. This means they are more susceptible to loss of lean body tissue, a weakened immune system, reduced metabolic rate, and increased dental concerns. I know that our dog, Izzie is still pretty young, but once she does hit over eleven years old the IAMS Senior Plus dog food is something that we will more then likely use since she currently eats IAMS right now.

New Iams Senior Plus is designed to promote the quality of life as dogs and cats reach the senior plus stage. It addresses common senior health issues, including:

•       Maintaining muscle mass
•       Promoting ideal weight and body condition with a special formula that helps burn fat
•       Boosting immune health to healthy adult levels with two times the antioxidants
•       Maintaining healthy skin and coat health with Omega 6
•       For dogs, helping to reduce tartar build up by up to 55 per cent with HMP (hexametaphosphate)

For more information on pet nutrition and choosing a pet food to fit various life stages, visit www.iams.ca or www.facebook.com/Iams.


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received free coupons for IAMS dog food for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received.

In Honor of National Grilled Cheese Month Put A Twist on Tradition with Top Chef Ariane Duarte

Somehow nostalgic thoughts of grandma’s grilled cheese with its golden, crusty exterior and over-stuffed with melting, oozing goodness makes the average workday just that much easier to bear. So with that sentiment in mind, cheese enthusiasts have declared April as National Grilled Cheese Month. But instead of the  basic grilled cheese, try this recipe that’s a twist on tradition, by Ariane Duarte, of Bravo’s Top Chef and owner/executive chef of the award-winning CulinAriane restaurant.

All Finlandia cheeses are all natural, hormone-free and naturally lactose-free. With over 150 years of master cheese making experience, you’ll find robust flavors and superior melting quality in all of their flavors including Swiss, Light Swiss, Muenster, Gouda, Havarti, Double Gloucester, Oltermanni and the newest introduction – Finlandia Lacey Swiss.

So take a tip from Ariane and try this savory recipe for Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto and Olive Tapenade and lose your thoughts in the warmth and goodness of National Cheese Month. For more information as well as additional recipes, be sure to log onto www.finlandiacheese.com.

Prosciutto and Finlandia Grilled Gouda Cheese with Olive Tapenade
Created by Chef Ariane Duarte

Serves 4

¼ lb. imported prosciutto
1 package Finlandia Gouda sliced cheese
8 slices sliced country white bread
4T butter

Olive Tapenade
1c olives (your choice) – pits removed
2 cloves garlic
1t red pepper flake
1T olive oil
1T chopped parsley
Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse about 6 times.

Spread tapenade on all 8 slices of bread. Then add a slice of cheese and a slice of prosciutto to only 4 slices and top with each of the remaining 4 slices.
Melt butter on a griddle and toast “sandwiches” golden brown and until cheese melts.