Thirsty Thursday: Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light Slushy

I went to the states last weekend. I bought a ton of stuff we don't have over here in Canada and since I'm on Weight Watchers I bought a ton of Crystal Light over there, it's way cheaper, you get so much more in the boxes and they have a lot more selection in flavors.

Out of all of the different flavors I got, the raspberry lemonade was just too yummy and my favorite. And this is where our Thirsty Thursday drink comes in. I had some frozen raspberries in the freezer and decided to use that in someway for a nice yummy drink since it was warm outside. I wanted something refreshing, so I decided to make a slushy. It came out so yummy and was so easy to make. You can make this with any frozen fruit and crystal light flavor you think might go well together and if you're in the mood you can add a splash of your choice of alcohol, I didn't add any alcohol in mine, but I look forward to adding some the next time I make this on a nice hot day out. Enjoy!

Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light Slushy
2 Cups of Ice
1 Packet of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light
1 Cup of Frozen Raspberries

Make packet of Crystal Light as instructed with water.
Pour ice, frozen raspberries and then crystal light drink into blender, blend and enjoy!



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