Reese Spreads (Review & Giveaway) #DoYouSpoon?

I am a huge Reese cup lover. They're one of my favorite chocolates to have and I love them best when they've been in the freezer for about an hour or so. The coldness of the chocolate and the peanut butter just taste delicious.

So I was pretty excited when I heard there was a Reese spread now available in stores to bring home for your family to enjoy. I was sent a couple jars of the spread to try out and let me tell you, this did not last long in my house at all. My kids and husband devoured this spread and I know this will definitely be added to my grocery list soon.

The Reese spread is the perfect combination of both the chocolate and peanut butter flavors we love, but now in a spreadable form. It can be added to just about any snack or dessert to give yourself a treat. My family and I have been enjoying this spread with sliced apples, over a toasted waffle for breakfast, wrapped up in a tortilla with a banana and we've even decided to add it to replace a piece of chocolate on our s'mores. It's easy and taste absolutely delicious. I've even had a few spoonfuls of this spread because it is just that good and a great treat to have after a long busy day. 

Reese Spread is now available in retail stores throughout Canada retailing at $6.79. This spread is the perfect treat for your family, treat yo' self with the Reese Spread. For more information about the new Reese Spread and other products be sure to head to

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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games DVD (Review & Giveaway)

In the new animated film My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, Canterlot High meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, in a competition that’s a long-standing tradition –The Friendship Games: a series of exciting events that includes archery, motocross, and rollerskating! Sunset Shimmer is tasked with keeping magic out of the games to keep things fair while she and her friends compete against Crystal Prep’s top students led by someone with an equal amount of interest in Equestrian magic – this world’s Twilight Sparkle.

Continue the journey through high school with the Mane 6 in this alternate My Little Pony universe, and find out what happens next in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games!

The third installment of the Equestria Girls series has come out and my daughter was pretty excited to receive a copy to watch. She's been a fan since Equestria Girls first came out. I love that this series still teaches older tweens who watch this the same lessons about friendship where trust, honesty and respect are important just as the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic series does. My daughter absolutely loved the story line of Friendship Games. She thought it was pretty cool how they had another character called Twilight in the movie and how the girls had to come together in order to try and win the Friendship Games against their rival school. This was a great third installment and she's looking forward to the next one.

Not only is Friendship Games out now on DVD and blu-ray, but if you have a little girl who is a fan of the Equestria Girls series, be sure to check out their 3 Movie Gift Set that is now available as well. You'll be able to get all three installments of Equestria Girls all in one. Along with the gift set there is also tons of bonus feature that includes lots of sing-alongs, deleted scenes from Friendship Games and audio commentaries about the series. This would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

In honor of the release of both Friendship Games and the 3-Movie Gift Set, we're giving away a copy of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games on DVD. Be sure to enter below and look in stores for the 3-movie gift set!

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Vikings: Season Three DVD (Review & Giveaway)

The gripping family saga of Ragnar, Rollo, Lagertha and Bjorn continues as alliances and loyal friendships are questioned, faith is catechized and relationships are strained. Vikings tells the extraordinary tales of the lives and epic adventures of these warriors and portrays life in the Dark Ages, a world ruled by raiders and explorers, through the eyes of Viking society

In addition to the 10 episodes, the Vikings season three DVD and Blu-ray includes bonus features such as an overview of the season, never before seen interviews with cast and creators, official trailer and more. The Vikings season three DVD and Blu-ray will be available at all major retailers across Canada.

My husband and I are huge fans of the show, Vikings. We've been watching since season one and just keep being fascinated and anticipating what's to happen next as each season goes by. In season three, just as the previous seasons, Vikings opens with Ragnar wanting more power and control over more land. As Ragnar and the rest of the Vikings fight to gain more power, it doesn't come without a price to pay.

In this season we're shocked when a couple of main characters get killed off. One, being Ragnar's most trusted friend, Athelstan, killed by Floki. The death of Athelstan is one that sends all kinds of different questions and emotions that leads Ragnar trying to tempt fate and at times wanting to die himself so that he could be in the same place as his dear friend, Athelstan.

During the end of season three we see the Vikings trying to fight and take over Paris as well as Ragnar coming close to death. The season wrapped up with Rollo being offered the position as Duke in Paris as well as Ragnar letting Floki know that he is aware that he killed Athelstan. The ending of season three departed as the Vikings headed back home from France and Ragnar finally saying goodbye to his dear friend.

I'm so excited to see what's to come in season four with Ragnar, Rollo, Floki and the rest of the Vikings. Season four is set to premiere in 2016. Sea
son three is now available on DVD.

In the meantime we are excited to offer three Canadian readers a chance at winning seasons 1-3 so that you can catch up before season 4 premieres. Be sure to enter our giveaway below.

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Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

Climb aboard for a magical carpet ride with nonstop laughs, action-packed adventure and Academy Award®–winning music that will make your heart soar(1992: Best Music, Original Song, “A Whole New World,” OriginalScore). Now for the first time ever, a whole new world of

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Aladdin is revealed in a whole new way on Blu-ray and Digital HD—with never-before-seenbonus!

With the help of a hysterically funny, shape-shifting, 10,000-year-old Genie,street-smart commoner Aladdin and clever, confident Princess Jasmine join forces against the evil sorcerer Jafar to put an end to his plans to take over the kingdom!

A Whole New World.....
This song always plays in my head when I think of the movie Aladdin. It's one of my all time favorite Disney songs and Aladdin is one of my favorite classic movies from my childhood. I remember when Aladdin first came out. It was so awesome to see a "Princess Movie," where the guy had to try and win the heart of the princess. A classic indeed, Aladdin was and will always be a great family movie to watch with your entire family. There's romance, adventure and comedy, thanks to Genie.

This all in one movie is now available Diamon Edition on Blu-ray with lots of bonus features for your family to enjoy.

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Disney's Tomorrowland Blu-ray Review

Join former boy genius Frank (George Clooney), optimistic, science-minded teen Casey (Britt Robertson), mysterious Athena (Raffey Cassidy) and the brilliant David Nix (Hugh Laurie) in a world of pure Disney imagination. Tomorrowland transports you on an inspiring and magical journey of wonder and adventure to a place where if you can dream it, you can do it.

I was really excited to get to watch Tomorrowland. This is a movie that both my daughter and I wanted to see and so glad we got to watch it together. It definitely did not disappoint. Tomorrowland is a movie to inspire everyone that anything is possible and that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. Not only is it inspiring, but it's also filled with tons of adventure that will keep you on your feet from beginning to end. I absolutely loved this movie. It was great to see both my kids really into the movie and I loved how much it inspired them and got their creativity juices flowing. Both George Clooney and Brit Robertson hit their characters spot on and worked so well with one another. 

Definitely a movie to watch with the entire family. Tomorrowland is now out on both Blu-ray and DVD.
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 40th Anniversary Celebration Blu-ray Review

The Rocky Horror Picture Show quickly became a pop cultural phenomenon passed down from generation to generation. Now, after four decades, it’s back stronger than ever with an all-new Ultimate Collector’s Edition, featuring limited edition packaging, exclusive collectible pink surgical gloves, fishnet stockings and a soundtrack for its army of die-hard fans!

In this cult classic, sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including a rocking biker (Meat Loaf) and a creepy butler (Richard O'Brien). Through elaborate dances and rock songs, Frank-N-Furter unveils his latest creation: a muscular man named "Rocky."

It's been 40 years since Tim Curry rocked our socks off in the classic movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I remember watching this movie at least once a year when I was growing up. I absolutely loved everything about this movie from the beginning to end. The songs were catchy and Time Warp was one of my all time favorite songs.

The 40th Anniversary Celebration Blu-ray highlights everything we loved about this classic movie and more. With bonus features that include past celebrations, deleted musical scenes and alternate endings and even Rocky-oke: Sing It! Although my hubby refused to sing, I got to sing all of the songs I loved from the movie and enjoyed every bit of it. There's so many other bonus features included and makes this blu-ray a must to have in your movie collection.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show's 40th Anniversary Celebration on Blu-ray is now available. Be sure to grab this before it's too late.

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Spy Blu-ray Review

Deskbound CIA analyst Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is about to become the world’s newest — and unlikeliest — secret weapon. When her partner (Law) falls off the grid and another top agent (Statham) is compromised, Susan volunteers to go deep undercover and bring down a deadly arms dealer. Loaded with wise-cracking action and adventure, SPY is a mission impossible to resist!

I am a HUGE fan of Melissa McCarthy. I have been ever since she played Sookie in Gilmore Girls. I've loved her in pretty much every movie she has been in and lately she's been starring in some pretty hilarious films that just keeps coming. Spy was no different. It kept me laughing like Bridesmaids and the action reminded me of The Heat. This is definitely a great action-comedy to watch and would perfect for a movie night in whether you're on a date or with a group of friends. Not only do we get to laugh until our tummy's hurt, but we also get a bit of eye candy in this movie as well since both Jude Law and Jason Statham are in the movie as well.

I'd definitely recommend this movie for any Melissa McCarthy fans and also just because this movie is hilarious and you'll definitely get a kick out of it. Plus the awesome bonus feature that has a hilarious gag reel that keeps you entertained. Spy is now out on both Blu-ray and DVD.
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Empire Season One Blu-ray Review

After music mogul Lucious Lyon (Oscar® Nominee Terrence Howard*) is diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, he must choose which of his three sons will succeed him at the legendary Empire Entertainment. The game changes when his ex-wife Cookie (Oscar® Nominee Taraji P. Henson**) returns from prison where she’s been for almost two decades. Brash and fearless, she sees herself as the sacrificial lamb who built an empire with Lucious and then took the fall for running the drugs that financed Lucious’ early career. As the Lyons slug it out, a battle begins that will either cause the family’s destruction or redemption.

Have you been watching the show, Empire? Let me just say if you're looking for a show with lots of drama, music and a good looking cast, this is the show with you. After a medical diagnosis, Lucious Lyon, CEO of Empire Entertainment must decide which of his three sons will take over his business for him when he no longer can. Not only does he has this going on, but his ex-wife Cookie shows up to claim half of Empire and the drama just keeps unfolding.

I was a bit behind on the phenomenon that is Empire and kept hearing my sisters talk about the show, so I was pretty excited I got a chance to catch up by watching season one. This show is amazing and keeps getting better. With secrets and lies coming up left and right, this show will keep you on your toes and entertained and wanting more and more. Season two started a few weeks ago and it's just as good as season one.

If you've enjoyed this show as much as I have, then this is a must have with eleven uncut music performances and bonus feature with the cast and crew. Empire Season One is now out on both DVD and blu-ray in stores.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Empire Season One on Blu-ray at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD Review

The Enchiridion is an ancient book with codes of conduct, guidelines, and other helpful information for heroes. Watch our hero’s Finn and Jake unlock the secrets in Adventure Time: The Enchiridion! The 10th volume release comes packed with 16 full length episodes from the hit-series Adventure Time.

My son is a huge fan of the show, Adventure Time. So when we received The Enchiridion, he was really excited to watch it from beginning to end and he did. He got to have one of his best friends sleep over and they watched the entire DVD from beginning to end. All I heard was laughter coming from the room where the boys were. After they were done they told me they thought all of the episodes were pretty awesome and they wish they could go on an adventure as well.

Definitely a great DVD to have for anyone that's a fan of the television series. With 16 episodes and over two hours, you'll enjoy this latest DVD installment. Now available, Adventure Time: The Enchiridion is retailed for $19.82.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Adventure Time: The Enchiridion on DVD at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Thirsty Thursday: Fireball Apple Cider

Fall is finally here. This has got to be my favorite season of them all. Leaves changing, nice cozy sweater weather, bon fires and pumpkin spice everything, lol.

I haven't shared a Thirsty Thursday drink in a while and I thought what better way to start up again, especially since it's the first day of October. This is the month that my house smells like pumpkin or apple, the month where my family and I watch our favorite classic family Halloween movies and make our Monster Munch and Monster Cookies.

Today I'm going to be sharing a spiked apple cider drink using Fireball. Have you guys ever had Fireball before? It reminds me of the Hot Tamales candy I use to eat growing up or the Aftershock alcohol that was from the 90's. Fireball is a hot and cool cinnamon liqueur that taste so good. It's perfect to have around this time of year. Mixing it with apple cider is my favorite way to drink it. It's easy to make and is a perfect adult drink to kick start Fall. This would be great to drink at a bon fire or by the fireplace. You can drink it over ice or warm. I prefer it warm, it keeps me nice and toasty.

What's your favorite Fall drink?  

Serves: 1

2 ounces Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
3 ounces apple cider

Directions: Pour in the Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and top with warm apple cider. Stir until mixed well. Drink and enjoy.

To serve cold, add ice in cup before liquids and don't heat up your cider. Stir, drink and enjoy.

Book Review: @OnceUponAZombie Book One: The Color Of Fear

Title: Once Upon A Zombie
By: Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson
Publisher: The Toon Studio Press
Publication Date: October 1, 2015
ISBN: 9781935668343

Pages: 368 is reporting strange phenomena in cemeteries in Scotland, Germany, Italy, and America. Only one individual knows what's happening - and why! This person also knows the one girl who can prevent an unspeakable and imminent catastrophe from taking place. But will she? When Caitlin Fletcher's mom disappeared (or left?) four years ago, Caitlin began suffering from breathless bouts of anxiety. Her new move to London, with her Dad and her brainiac sister, threatens to lead to more situations that will trigger panic. Now, she's having anxiety over the possibility of having anxiety! Caitlin's life takes a turn for the bizarre when she's tricked into climbing down a "rabbit hole", landing in a wondrous fairy tale universe - except it's crawling with savage, starving blood-eyed zombies. But what's scarier - a blood thirsty zombie, a panic attack....or the painful truth?!

First off I want to say thanks to both Netgalley for sending me the e-book and to Smith Publicity for sending me the actual hard copy of this book, which is gorgeous! 

This book was great. I absolutely loved this unique story-line of mixing zombies with our favorite princess characters we love so much. It's definitely not like any other zombie story, which is a relief.

We are first introduced to Caitlyn, the main character in this story. The story starts off with Caitlyn in her room thinking of an excuse to not go to the dance at school. Now a few things to know about our main character, she has major anxiety issues. This has been happening to her ever since the disappearance of her mother. We are next introduced to Natalie, Caitlyn's younger, fierce and sarcastic sister who tells Caitlyn she thinks someone is watching them. 

At her new school, Caitlyn is picked on by the mean girls at school and ends up becoming friends with a nice boy named Jack. Jack tells Caitlyn that there has been rumors going on around the city that there are ghosts coming out of, deceased authors of fairy tale stories, grave. They make a plan to go to the cemetery the night of their school's Halloween dance to check things out.

Some things happens due to the mean girls, where Jack and Caitlyn end up missing one another and Natalie ends up following her sister to the cemetery where they witness a ghost coming out of a grave. The ghost is looking for Caitlyn and ask for her help. Terrified of the fact that there is a ghost in front of her, Caitlyn doesn't know what to do, but Natalie jumps right in and following her younger sister, the girls end up in a fairy-tale world where all of the princesses are zombies! 

Traveling to a weird world, meeting other zombie princesses, the girls go through lots of crazy twist and turns that to me, brings them closer together as sisters. I won't share everything that happened, you'll have to find out yourself, but I will say that this was definitely a page turner. Although the beginning was a bit slow, I loved that this was a story that both myself and my ten year old could both read and both love. We've been talking about it for days and we are definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next installment. If you're a tween, teen, or a teen at heart, a zombie or princess lover, this is definitely a book you should be reading. 
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Once Upon A Zombie at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Dinning In Style at The Spotted Horse Tavern and Dining Parlor

There's nothing like staying at a beautiful hotel and having an even more beautiful restaurant to eat in while you're enjoying your stay. That's exactly what you get when you visit Evangeline Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel, located in the heart of Louisiana's Cajun Country. Not only does this amazing hotel offers rooms to stay in, but you can also play, be entertained and dine while you enjoy your stay. When it comes to southern fine food, Evangeline offers nothing but the best on classic Louisiana style meals.

Most recently, the hotel debuted The Spotted Horse Tavern and Dining Parlor. The Spotted Horse is, "a dinning experience like no other," according to Ted Bogich, Senior Vice President of Operations for Boyd Gaming, owner and operator of Evangeline Downs. The restaurant gives modern takes on traditional Louisiana flavors, offered in a beautifully designed and whimsical setting.

The restaurant was inspired by an urban legend of a “long-necked spotted horse” ( aka: giraffe) winning the race by a neck. The restaurant's taste for the fantastic is reflected and shown throughout the new space. Offering a tavern on one side, great for sipping a local brew and enjoying down-home cuisine; and a full-service restaurant on the other side, you'll leave the restaurant feeling 100% satisfied with your meal.

The dining selection varies from Southern staples to unique and creative new dishes. Small plate starters include chicken and sausage gumbo, citrus-glazed pork belly and prawns, and crawfish and corn bisque. The remarkable entrée selection includes favorites like fresh Louisiana catfish and country-braised short ribs, as well as dinner-for-two selections like beer can chicken for two and a certified Angus Beef tenderloin for two. Guests can finish their meal with a diverse dessert menu that offers something for every sweet tooth, from the light and cool berries and cream to the rich and decadent warm bread pudding. The tavern menu includes burgers, soups, sandwiches, and classics such as Bay Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Cake, Lobster Mac and Cheese and more.

I definitely wish this would have been added when I went to Louisiana earlier this year, this place sounds and looks amazing. So many things to do in one place. I can't wait until I head back to Louisiana with the hubby, this is definitely a place I'd love to stay at. The food sounds amazing and if they're anything like the food I had while visiting New Orleans, I know I'm going to be one happy girl. 

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Compensation was received.