Tom’s of Maine Holiday Giveaway

Cookies, cakes, muffins, you name it, we know this is that time of year where we all induldge in all the deliicous food and bake goods we'll come across whether it be at a holiday party with family and friends or with co-workers. With all the holiday get togethers that will be happening, we've teamed up with our friends over at Tom's of Maine to offer our CANADIAN readers a chance at winning a huge holiday prize pack valued at $100!

If you're unfamilair with Tom's of Maine and their products, since 1970 their mission has been to help others live a more natural life. They offer a range of all natural oral, deordorant and antiperspirant products for their customers.

Their natural deodorant will keep you smelling fresh and antiperspirant to help keep you dry. They've got the choices to give your underarms the attention they deserve. Their oral products help keep your teeth and mouth clean with their line of safe and effective natural oral care products for everyone in the family.

Let's face it, the holidays are crazy busy, with running around shopping for gifts and going to different events, Tom's of Maine want to make sure you and your family are taken care of with both  oral and odour protection. Their deordorant is aluminum free, has no artificial fragrances or preservatives and provides 24-hour odour protection to help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Their oral products have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and most are fluoride-free.

Below is a list of everything that will be included in this amazing giveaway: 

Tom’s of Maine Women’s long lasting deodorant (aluminum free) coconut lavender – MRSP $7.99
Tom’s of Maine Women’s long lasting deodorant (aluminum free) beautiful earth – MRSP $7.99
Tom’s of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive (fluoride free) toothpaste – MRSP $6.99
Tom’s of Maine Luminous White (with fluoride) – MRSP $8.99
Tom’s of Maine Children’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste - MRSP $5.99
Tom’s of Maine Clean & Fresh (Fluoride-free) Fennel toothpaste - MRSP $6.99
Tom’s of Maine Men’s odour protection deodorant (aluminum free) North Woods – MRSP $8.99
Tom’s of Maine Men’s odour protection deodorant (aluminum free) Mountain Spring – MRSP $8.99
Tom’s of Maine Simply White (fluoride-free) toothpaste – MRSP $7.99
Tom’s of Maine Whole Care (with fluoride) – MRSP $6.99
Tom’s of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouth Wash - MRSP $7.99

Not only are their products affordable, but they would make great stocking stuffers for the entire family. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment and share which product listed above you're excited to try. For more information about Tom's of Maine, be sure to head to their website to find out where you can find buy their products online and where you can find them locally. 

Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster Review #HolidayGiftGuide

The holidays are seriously creeping up and I don't know about you, but I am nowhere near done shopping for my family and friends. Each year my kids make a list. We have them write down their top 10 gifts they would like and we get them some of those items listed and we share the rest with family members as well. One thing my son still has on his list is any and everything Fortnite.

I don't know about your kids, but my twelve year old son is still obsessed with the game. Although there was a small down period he had where he didn't play the game for about a month, after the latest release of an updated patch came out, him and his friends have been playing non stop. So I knew that he would have some Fortnite items listed on his Christmas wishlist.

Lucky for him he received a gift early from our friends over at Hasbro. They sent him the Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster. Two of his favorite things combined into one, Fortnite and Nerf! I have to admit this blaster is pretty cool. He's had it for a few weeks now and even with it being pretty cold outside, when him and his friends get a chance, they're outside playing with tag with his new Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster.

Aimed for kids eight and older, the Nerf Fortnite AR-L blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite, replicating the look and colors of the one from the popular video game! Your child can play Fortnite in real life with this Nerf Elite blaster that features motorized dart blasting. Power up the motor with the acceleration button and pull the trigger to shoot 1 dart. 

It comes with a 10-dart clip and 20 Official Nerf Fortnite Elite darts, enough to fully load the clip and give you 10 backup darts for reloading. Flip up the 2 sights on the top of the blaster to align your shot. 

Official Nerf Darts are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips. Drop into indoor and outdoor Fortnite action with this motorized, dart-firing Nerf Elite Fortnite blaster!

Not only does Hasbro have this Fortnite AR-L blaster available, but they have an entire line of Fortnite Nerf blasters available for your child and their friends to go around and play some Fortnite in real life. How awesome is that? 

The Fortnite AR-L blaster retails for $69.99. For more information about this and other Fornite and Nerf guns, be sure to head over to Hasbro's website to find out how you can get one online or where to find one locally. 
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned product at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Cineplex Events Holiday Movie Line-Up

It's the most woderful time of the year! Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away? Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Are you all done? If you're looking for ideas, make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide, we have some pretty awesome gift ideas listed.

Although this may be one of the busiest times of the year, be sure to take some time off for yourself, I'm all about self care. One way I like to slow down when life is getting crazy busy is to hangout with the family and do something together. Whether it's crafting at the house or going out to the movies, it makes all the difference in the world when I can stop and take a moment to relax with my hubby and kiddos.

As of November 23rd Cineplex Events is at it again, bringing us old classic holiday movies to the big screen again, along with the long awaited sequel to the Disney hit movie, Frozen. I'm pretty excited to take my family to see Frozen 2, my youngest especially. We've had the soundtrack playing this last week in celebration of the movie being in theatres and we plan on taking the kids this weekend.

Below I have listed all the classic movies Cineplex Events will be playing throughout the holiday season until the New Year. See below for more information on each film and participating theatres. For showtimes, please visit


Polar Express 3D
Family Favourites
Beginning November 23, 2019

Based on the classic Christmas story by Chris Van Allsburg, the Polar Express tells the story of a young boy who embarks on an adventure to the North Pole aboard an extraordinary train – The Polar Express. On his journey he learns about friendship, bravery and the true spirit of Christmas.

Flashback Film Series
Beginning November 29, 2019

When young Billy receives a strange pet as a Christmas present from his dad, he inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning their care and unleashes a horde of mischievous monsters on his small town.

Arthur Christmas
Family Favourites
Beginning November 30, 2019

Unlikely hero Arthur sets off on an urgent mission to find out how Santa delivers all of the world’s presents in one night and ends up stumbling upon Santa's exhilarating, ultra high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole.

Frozen II
Sensory Friendly
Beginning November 30, 2019

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. This screening will be offered in a sensory friendly format including 2D projection, increased auditorium lighting and lower volume.

A Christmas Story
Classic Films
Beginning December 1, 2019

In this 1983 holiday classic, Ralphie only wants one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun. When all of the adults around him deem the gift too dangerous, he must set out to convince his parents, teachers and Santa that it really is the perfect Christmas gift.

Kenneth Branagh's A Winter's Tale (Encore)
Stage Series
Beginning December 4, 2019

From the acclaimed actor-director Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Hamlet, Dead Again, Cinderella) and the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company comes Shakespeare’s timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption; A Winter’s Tale. Broadcast live from London’s Garrick Theatre, Judi Dench stars in this reimagined Olivier Award-winning production.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
VIP One Nighters
Beginning December 9, 2019

In this third instalment in the National Lampoon's Vacation film series, the Griswold family's plans for a big Christmas celebration predictably turns into a domino effect of disasters.

Flashback Film Series
Beginning December 13, 2019

When three spirits bearing lessons haunt a cynically selfish TV executive on Christmas Eve, he realises that he must reform himself to avoid a terrible fate.

Dr. Seuss' The Grinch
Family Favourites
Beginning December 14, 2019

Based on the classic story by Dr. Seuss, The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl's generous holiday spirit. Funny, heart-warming and visually stunning, it's a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.

Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker (Encore)
Dance Series
Beginning December 15, 2019

This classic tale tells the story of Marie, a young girl whose wooden nutcracker doll mysteriously transforms into a beautiful prince on Christmas Eve. Accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s beloved score, this timeless holiday classic is performed by rising star Soloist Margarita Shrainer with the supremely elegant Principal Dancer Semyon Chudin as her Nutcracker Prince.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Extended Edition
Flashback Film Series
Beginning December 20, 2019

A meek Hobbit from the Shire and his eight companions set off on a journey to destroy a powerful ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Extended Edition
Flashback Film Series
Beginning December 27, 2019

While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new ally Saruman and his hordes of Isengard. Never before seen in theatres, this unique version of the epic adventure features over 40 minutes of new and extended scenes integrated into the film by the director.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Extended Edition
Flashback Film Series
Beginning January 3, 2020

Gandalf and Aragorn lead the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw his gaze from Frodo and Sam as they approach Mount Doom with the One Ring. The winner of 11 Academy Awards is now 50 minutes longer, including a new score by Howard Shore and over 350 new digital effects shots.

André Rieu 70 Years Young
Concerts & Music
Beginning December 31, 2019

The King of Waltz, André Rieu, is celebrating a landmark birthday with the ultimate concert featuring musical highlights from his illustrious career so far. This unique commemorative celebration will take you on an unbelievable journey around the world to André Rieu’s most amazing concert locations, including Schönbrunn Vienna, Radio City Music Hall New York and the Coronation Concert in Amsterdam.

Will you be taking your family to the movies this Holiday season to watch any of these classics on the big screen? If so, let us know which movie you'll be seeing or want to see!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received admission tickets in exchange for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received.

Downtown Abbey Blu-ray Giveaway #BringDowntonHome

If you'e a fan of the television show, Downtown Abbey, then you already know that years after the show wrapped its finale season, the show came out with a movie that was released earlier this year in theatre to get us all caught up on all things that's been happening to our beloved Crawley family and their staff.

The film chronicles the Crawley family one year after the conclusion of the series, as they prepare for the most important moment of their lives: an impending visit from the Royal Family. Join the glitz, glamour and spectacle as the special visit unleashes scandal, romance and intrigue on the fan-favorite family and its staff members.

With the digital release coming out today, we've teamed up with Universal Pictures to offer our readers, both US and CANADA a chance to win a copy of the movie, just in time before the blu-ray/DVD release December 17th. 

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is comment below sharing who your favorite character from the show is. That's it! Be sure to head to our Facebook page for another chance at winning a copy of the movie as we're hosting a giveaway ovet there as well!

Klutz Holiday Prize Pack Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

I can't believe that 2019 is almost over. We've been blogging again for almost a year and are grateful that those of you who have been reading since the beginning are still with us and we're glad to have made some new friends as well.

One of the great things about blogging is the connections we make with the companies that we love. As many of you know we've been working with Klutz since the beginning of this year. We have lots of amazing Klutz kits that are apart of our Holiday Gift Guide this year and I'm so excited to partner up with Klutz again, this time offering you readers an amazing prize pack just in time for the holidays.

The giveaway includes:
1 copy Mini Grocery Store
1 copy My Fun & Fuzzy Headband Salon
1 copy Grow Your Own Crystal Narwhal
1 Klutz tote

If you're unfamiliar with Klutz, they create book-based activity kits that help stimulate creativity and critical thinking for kids of all ages. There are kits for the entire family to enjoy.

Each kit includes clear instructions, all the material needed to create the specific craft, and a healthy dose of fun. Each kit builds creative confidence while encouraging hands-on learning. Klutz is a division of Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher, and distributor of children’s books. Be sure to check out our previous REVIEWS on Klutz kits to see which kits we've gotten the opportunity to craft with.

The giveaway is open to both our US and CANADA readers! To enter all you need to do is comment below which Klutz kit from the prize pack you would love to create with first!

Cutetitos Series 2 & Cutetito Babitos Review & Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

My kids absolutely love to collect stuffed animals. From my oldest being fourteen, to my youngest, five, it's safe to say that stuffed animals are still loved in this house and I don't blame them. I remember collecting stuffed animals way into my late teens, like up until 18 years old. My dad would buy my sisters and I a stuffed bear every Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, so we had lots of themed stuffies growing up and I guess my kids are the same way.

So I knew that my five year old would absolutely love what we were sent, Cutetitos and Cutetitos Babitos. With the current trend of pets rolled up in blankets like burritos, Cutetitos are adorable collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets that kids can unroll and discover!

Bailey was very excited to unwrap both her new stuffies as we were sent both a Cutetito from their Series 2 collection and a Cutetito Babito.

The Cutetitos have twelve new characters rolling out for their Series 2 edition. Each Cutetito comes with its own burrito blanket, personality “Hot Spot” (mild,medium, hot or super spicy), and Pet Collector card with the pet’s name, species and birthday. Bailey received a Donkito named Floppito and she absolutely loves him. His hot spot is HOT and he's the cutest little Donkito ever. She loved that it was purple because it's mommy's favorite colour and she also loved how it was wrapped looking like a burrito and how soft he is. She went around the house showing both her older siblings, who are fourteen and twelve, and they thought they were pretty cool too.

Not only did she receive little Floppito, but she also received a Cutetito Babito as well. These new surprise-packed Furry Baby Friends are 3-inch plush animal characters, and just like the Series 2 Cutetitos come with hot spot personalities that come hidden in their very own burrito blanket. Each of the 12 different Babitos characters also come with an adorable gender reveal diaper – will it be a girl or a boy?

Bailey's babito was a cute Catito named Kittito and the hot spot is HOT, like her Donkito and it's pink, her favorite colour and it's also a girl Catito. She absolutely loves both her new stuffies and has added them to her bed along side her other favorite stuffies.

Both the Cutetitos and Babitos would make a great gift for the holiday season coming up for any kids ages three and up. They're not only cute and snuggly, but they aren't bad on pirce either, the Cutetitos retail for $14.99 and the Babitos are $9.99. The Babitos would also make great stocking stuffers as they would fit perfect inside your child's  Christmas stocking.

For more infromation about both the Cutetitoes and Babitos, please head to Basic Fun to find out how to purchase online and where to purchase locally.

I'm excited to be teaming up with Basic Fun to offer one lucky Canadian reader a chance at winning one Cutetito and one Babito, just in time for the holidays. To enter the giveaway head over to Basic Fun and check out both the Cutetitos and Babitos and comment below on which Cutetito and Babito you'd like to win for your little one!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit Review #HolidayGiftGuide

My five year old started senior kindergarten this year. Things are different. She's still in a split class with half being junior kindergarten and the other half being in senior kindergarten. She loves that she gets to be one of the bigger kids and help out her new friends as they are getting adjusted to going to school every day. 

One thing that hasn't changed is her love for learning. Every day she comes home from school and ask if she has homework. Since she's in SK, they don't send them home with homework, so I usually get on the computer and find some printable worksheets for her to do once she's home. After she's done her homework she loves getting on her ipad mini and playing a game or two before dinner is ready. 

These last couple of weeks, she's been loving her ipad even more as we were sent the Little Genius Starter Kit from Osmo! Osmo is a line of hands-on educational digital/physical games. The product uses a stand and a clip-on mirror to allow any tablet's front-facing camera to recognize and track objects in front of the device. Using these technologies and AI software embedded within the apps, the device is able to bridge the physical and digital worlds by taking gameplay beyond the screen for kids of varying ages. 

We were sent their Little Genius Starter Kit, which is geared for kids between the ages of 3-5 and gives them a new holistic approach to early learning. The kit comes with everything you need to get started as well as download instructions to get the Osmo app on your tablet. The kit also includes the Osmo Base, four game appls, 38 rings and sticks, 19 costume pieces, 1 play mat and two stackable storage bins that include the pieces for all four games included. This is such a game changer when it comes to learning for your little ones. With the love that everyone has with their electronics now and days, I love that with Osmo, you're not only getting to use your tablet, but also your child is getting to use their imagination as well as hands on creative play. 

After the easy set up that took less than five minutes to download the app, sign up so that I can track my child's progress, she was off to learning in no time. The Little Genius Kit comes with four early leanring games for your child to start off with, ABC's, Costume Party, Squiggle Magic and Stories. 

With the ABC game your little one is able to build letters with the squishy colorful sticks and rings that are included in the kit. It was awesome watching my little one create letters and then have her creation added to her ipad so she could see it both in person and on screen. She loved that. 

Costume Party was a really cool game for her to play as well and for her to use her imagintion. With this game your child can experiment with clothes, hair and color to create different party outfits for the character that's included. This was pretty cool to see beause with each outfit my child put on for the character included, we got to see the character's reaction, which got my little girl really excited. 

Squiggle Magic allows your child to create anything they want using the stiks and rings and then once created and they push the green button to add their creation on screen, your child can see their creation come alive. This was one of Bailey's favorite games to play. It got her creative juices flowing and she was creating all kinds of things.

Stories allowed you to mix and match costumes to find silly solutions for obstacles and navigate adventures. I loved seeing Bailey play with this game and seeing her imagination shine as she figured out how to navigate the adventure on screen. 

Not only are there these four games that come included with the Osmo app, but there are also tons of other games for you to download for your child to enjoy. We were also sent the Super Studio Disney Princess Kit that included super sketchpad, sper studio marker, super sweeper ad super studio game app. This allowed for Bailey to help some of her favorite princesses, Belle, Rapunzel and Cinderella. There are many different Disney themed packs that you can purchase separately to make your child's experience with their Osmo even more fun, like, Mickey Mouse and Friends as well as Incredibles 2. 

What I've loved most about Bailey using the Osmo is that it's giving her healthy screen time as she's spending less time watching Youtube videos and more time with a hands on learning experience that's not only allowing her to get creative and use her imagination, but she's also learning so much from it.

This would be a great gift to give any little one in your life with the holidays being around the corner. Not only would this be a great gift for your child, but it would also make a great teacher's gift as well so that your little one and their classmates can all use this kit to help learn while they're in school. The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit retails for $79 and if you check their site right now, it's on sale for even cheaper. 

As much as my daughter loves to be on her ipad to play games, I have to say, she has never been this excited when getting on her ipad. She has come home every single day after school asking to play with her Little Genuis kit. For more information about the Little Genius kit and other kits from Osmo, be sure to check them out online.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Roku Express Review #HolidayGiftGuide

With so many different streaming devices being available to you, it's hard to pick the right one. We have five TV's in our home, our smart TV in the living room and each kid and the hubby and I all have a TV in our bedroom. Now that we don't have cable anymore, finding a streaming device that is not only affordable, but also one that is compatible with our TV's and gives a variety of options of apps and/or channels they offer, is something that I look for as my kids love to not only watch Netflix in their rooms before bed every night, but on the weekends they love to put on their favorite Youtuber and watch Youtube videos.

Roku has come out with their new and updated fast, high definition streaming device, Roku Express, and it is pretty cool. Over the years Roku has made a great name for themselves. We actually have been fans of theirs for a while having two of their older devices that we still use in our home. One in my five year old's room and the other we just recently gave to my in laws to enjoy after we received the Roku Express.

The Roku Express is 10% smaller than its predecessor, it's sleek and designed to blend in and disappear when connected to a TV. It can be fully powered by most TVs to reduce clutter around the TV. With the Roku Express you can enjoy easy and smooth HD streaming.

The Roku Express is easy to set up and included in the box is a simple remote control included with popular streaming channel shortcut buttons for Netflix, Roku Channel, Disney Plus, Google Play and CBS All Access, this comes in handy, especially for younger kids who want to be independent and for the older adults who aren't too familiar with streaming devices. Having those buttons on the remote make it easier for streaming your favorite channels. Also included is a High Speed HDMI and a power cord.
All you need to do once you set up the device is connect to your internet and login or signup for a free Roku account and you can start streaming free live TV from their Roku channel as well as download thousands of other channels to enjoy, like, Netflix, Global TV, Google Play, Cineplex, DAZN, hayU, just to name a few.

The Roku Channel launched in Canada in 2018 and has quickly gained popularity. No subscriptions, fees or logins are required to access hundreds of free movies, TV shows and documentaries, with a selection of box office hits and TV shows featured every month to enjoy.

Just recently Roku has teamed up with Apple to bring those of us with Apple accounts both their Apple TV App and their Apple TV+. The Apple TV app customers can enjoy personalized recommendations of shows and movies; subscribe directly to Apple TV channels and more using their Apple ID and password; browse, buy or rent more than 100,000 movies and TV shows; and watch all the shows and movies they have previously purchased from iTunes.

As of November 1st, the Apple TV+ is available in the Apple TV app on Roku, giving users access to exclusive shows, movies and documentaries from the most celebrated creative artists, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer, J.J. Abrams, Jason Momoa, M. Night Shyamalan, Jon M. Chu and more. Roku users can subscribe to Apple TV+ right in the Apple TV app on their Roku devices for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. Apple TV+ subscribers can also watch on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac and other platforms, including the web. For more information about Apple TV+, please visit be sure to visit them online.

I absolutely love that I can now watch some of my movies and shows that I've purchased through my Apple account on my Roku, all that's left to do is maybe get Apple Music on the AppleTV App on Roku and I'd be set. Maybe in the next upgrade, who knows! 

The Roku Express is now available for purchase retailng in Canada for $39.99. Not expensive at all and this would be a great gift for a family or friend this holiday season or even a gift to treat yo' self! It's affordable, easy to set up and the device is small, so it takes up little to no room whereever you have your television set up. 

For more infromation about this streaming device, be sure to check out Roku on their website

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the Roku Express at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Disney Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls Review #HolidayGiftGuide

With the excitement for the sequel of Disney's hit movie, Frozen, coming to theatres this Friday, my five year old daughter, Bailey, was so excited when she received both Elsa and Anna, the new fashion dolls inspired by the movie Frozen 2.

We are big fans of the first movie and we already have our tickets purchased to go see the second movie and now that she has both of her new dolls, I'm pretty sure Elsa and Anna will be joining us when we go to watch it.

With both Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls, kids can recreate scenes from Disney's Frozen 2 with these classic dolls, complete with removable outfits inspired by the movie. Kids can move these toys into different poses to play out scenes from the film or imagine their own with each doll's 5 points of articulation. Both dolls are beautifully made with each one wearing the new outfit they wear in the upcoming movie. I love that they aren't flimsy or easy to break, especially with a five year old playing with them. The fashion dolls are both great quality.

Since we received these dolls before Frozen 2 came out, I watched as Bailey recreated scenes from the first movie and she also just loved when I put the Frozen soundtrack on and she pretended both dolls were singing. It was such a beautiful moment to watch. I love how excited she is for the sequel, I'm just as excited to watch it, as is my hubby and two older teens. 

Which character are you excited to see back on the screen? I'm excited to see all of them for different reasons, I'm hoping to see how Elsa is handling her powers as well as seeing the blossom relationship between Anna and Kristoff and of course I can't wait to see what Olaf and Sven have been up to.

With the release of Frozen 2 coming this week, your child can collect the Disney Frozen dolls and playsets to recreate familiar scenes with characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf who kids know and love. Retailed at $19.99, the fashion doll characters available are Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Matthias, each sold separately. These dolls would be perfect to give a Frozen fan you know, especially with the holidays being around the corner. 

For more information about Disney Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls, be sure to head to Hasbro to find out where you can purchase your own locally. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned toys at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Klutz Jr.: My Dino Finger Puppets Review #HolidayGiftGuide

I'm always looking for new activities for my six year old and I to do together since we're together the majority of the time due to my husband being a truck driver. So I was pretty excited when we were sent over a new craft kit from our friends over at Klutz! 

We had a chance to review the Klutz Jr, “My Dino Finger Puppets” craft kit. The kit allows kids to magically transform air-dry clay into playable, portable, prehistoric pets, like, a t-rex, pterodactyl, and triceratops. The kit also comes with three different colors of the air-dry clay (blue, green and orange), tons of stickers, eyes, and paper accessories, each dinosaur can be as unique as the kid making them. You can also create a dino park for your puppet to hang-out in and learn real dino facts in the 32-page instruction book.

My son decided that we would try to make/mold the T-Rex. We followed the instructions book and the steps provided were wonderful and very easy to follow and the size sheet was neat also. There's also enough clay provided so that you can create all three dinosaurs.

My son was very engaged and loved the accessories that were provided in the kit. The air-dry clay provided to create the dino puppets is very soft and a bit sticky, but comes off easily if you're worried about it being stuck to any furniture in your home. Once dry you can let your child's imagination run wild with their dino finger puppets. This was such a cool kit to receive. It not only kept my son busy, but it also allowed him the freedom to create different dinosaurs as well as allow him to use his imagination to create his own unique dinosaur finger puppet. 

For more informationa about the Klutz Jr. My Dino Finger Puppets kit, be sure to head to their website to find out how to purchase online or what local store this can be purcahsed at.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned toy at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.