Celebrating National Organic Month with Coors Organic (Review)

Did you know that September is National Organic Month? People all over Canada are encouraged to celebrate by supporting a growing organic sector, transparent food source and a source of food that is sustainable in the future. This can be done by farmers, retailers, schools, chefs and by you as well. 

Growers and advocates can open up their farm or garden to the community and offer guided tours. Retailers can invite an organic farmer for an education event so customers can meet and discuss organics with the person that grows their food. Schools can plan a school fieldtrip to an organic farm or organize a local organic school breakfast and even invite a local farmer to their school to talk to their students. Chefs can offer a chef tasting event and expose your customer to locally produced organic ingredients or source organic wines and beers. 

There are many ways to celebeate and participate. I've been cooking with local fresh fruit and veggies this last month, making soups and baking yummy treats for my family and we can absolutely taste the difference between eating local farmer's produce compared to buying them in the store. Not only are the fruits and veggies fresh, but nothing is added to them, which makes me feel a lot better when creating meals for my family and I to enjoy.

To help celebrate National Organic Month, we were sent a four pack of Coors Organic to taste and let me  tell you, if you're a fan of beer, but trying to integrate healthier alternatives into your day-to-day lifestyle, this would be the beer to try. With only 90 calories and 4 carbs per 355ml can, Coors Organic, taste delicious and is certified organic being made with only three ingredients, organic hops, organic barley and water. That's it! It's light and refreshing with a crisp and clean finish. 

My husband and I are both on a low carb diet, so getting to try Coors Organic was such a treat. We were able to have a delicious beer that not only taste great, but doesn't make us feel bloated or feel like we're consuming too many carbs. 

Coors Organic is available at your local LCBO, The Beer Store, or can easily be purchased online and delivered right to your door via ShipandSip.ca. Single cans retail for $3.05 or purchase a 12 pack for $27.50. For more information about Coors Organic, check them out on Instagram. 

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Adventures of Pip on Nintendo Switch (Videogame Review & Giveaway)

 Welcome to the next evolution of the classic side-scrolling action platform game! Journey with Pip as he sets out to save Princess Adeline from the evil Queen DeRezzia. Pip’s quest begins when he learns he can absorb the Bitstream from his fallen foes to evolve and devolve between three different forms – single pixel, 8-bit, and 16-bit! Each transformation provides different powers that Pip can use to solve environmental puzzles and blast through enemies. Pip’s tale leads players through five different stylized worlds with up to 10 hours of epic adventuring gameplay.

Inspired by classic platformers, Adventures of Pip basks in a world where players can defeat a huge 32-bit boss as an 8-bit character or even as a single-pixel. Pip’s foes have weaknesses and strengths — pinpoint these, swap to the right form and take them out! 

Of course, my child was extremely excited to review a new video game for the Nintendo Switch, so into the game we went! The Adventures of Pip was a fun game that had a nostalgic feel to it, reminding me of childhood times playing Mario Bros trying to save the Princess. The 2D game which offers multiple levels per world, was enough of a challenge for both of us to enjoy and want to keep us coming back for more.  My son definitely loved the concept of the game and was intrigued by the ability for Pip to transform into a pixel and back again. The music and graphics were super fun and the controls were simple to navigate. 

When playing the game, you can locate treasure chests that contain bits or hearts that act as currency to purchase upgrades to Pip and his abilities. My son loved the concept of the bits and enjoyed locating them to see what was inside. The overall graphics and game design were super fun and offered lots of enjoyable game time on the Nintendo Switch. Although it had a similar feel to other 2d leveled games, we enjoyed it and would recommend it to other fellow gamers!

 Adventures of Pip is now available on Nintendo Switch as of September 10th and you can also find the game on other consoles, like, Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and Apple iOS. For more information about Adventures of Pip and other videogames from TicToc Games, be sure to head to their website 

In honor of Adventures of Pip now being available on Nintendo Switch, we've teamed up with TicToc Games to offer two readers, US & Canada, a chance at winning a copy of the game on Nintendo Switch. To enter the giveaway, comment below sharing your favorite childhood videogame you loved playing. 

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Are You Afraid of the Dark DVD Review & Giveaway


Re-imagined for a new generation, Nickelodeon’s all-new version of ‘90’s kids’ cult classic Are You Afraid of the Dark? arrives on DVD. The three-part limited series follows members of an entirely new Midnight Society, who tell a terrifying tale of the Carnival of Doom and its evil ringmaster Mr. Top Hat, only to witness the shocking story come frightfully to life and prepare for an adventure beyond their wildest nightmares.



Fall is right around the corner and as the weather gets chilly and the leaves start to fall from the trees, that means one thing, spooky season is near! My family and I absolutley love Halloween and all that comes with it. Being a kid that was born in the 80's and raised in the 90's, there were lots of spooky shows that we would watch, from Tales from the Crypt to Goosebumps, one show that stuck out was Are You Afraid of the Dark. When the Midnight Society got together to share their spooky stories, we listened and watched and loved every bit of it. 

When I first heard they were remaking the show I was very excited. I watched this show faithfully when I was younger, so I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. My kids and I tuned in to watch the remake on Nickelodeon last year and we loved it. When we got the opportunity to receive the limited edition series, that was released on DVD August 25th, I gladly accepted so that we could add the show to our Halloween movie collection. What I loved about the remake was how great a job they did with introducing the newest members of The Midnight Society, keeping it updated to fit with this generation, while also honouring the original. Mr. Tophat was a great villian as we were being told the story of the Carnival of Doom. It leaves you wanting more and my kids and I are excited that there will be more episodes coming soon. 

What it also left me with is wanting to watch some of the original shows again and showing my kids,which I've found thanks to the official Are You Afraid of the Dark Youtube channel that includes full episodes of the show we loved to watch as kids. Are You Afraid of the Dark is now available on DVD in stores now!

We've teamed up with our friends over at Paramount Home Entertainment to host a giveaway to our Canadian readers to win a copy of the DVD for you to enjoy at home. To enter, leave a comment sharing your favorite horror/thriller television show, that's it!

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Pretty In Pink Blu-ray Review & Giveaway

Newly remastered from a 4K transfer supervised by Deutch, the Pretty In Pink Blu-ray includes a new Filmmaker Focus with the director and, for the first time, the film’s isolated score track from composer Michael Gore. Also included is the previously released featurette “THE LOST DANCE: The Original Ending.”
Teen sensations Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club) and Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo’s Fire) drew rave reviews for their starring performances in this timeless love story. Andie (Ringwald) is a high school girl from the other side of town. Blane (McCarthy) is the wealthy heartthrob who asks her to the prom. But as fast as their romance builds, it’s threatened by the painful reality of peer pressure. The film also stars Jon Cryer, James Spader, Harry Dean Stanton, and Annie Potts and features a phenomenal new wave soundtrack, including the title track by the Psychedelic Furs.


"I just wanna let them know that they didn't break me." -Andie  

One of my favorite quotes from the movie, Pretty in Pink. It's been 34 years since we first met Andie, Duckie and Blane on the big screen. Although technically I was a toddler 34 years ago, this movie is definitely a classic and part of my childhood. So when we got the opportunity to review the movie that's now available on blu-ray, I couldn't resist. 

I remember watching this at least a couple of times a year when I was growing up and every single time I was Team Blane. I guess that was the teen hopeless romantic in me because now as an adult rewatching the movie, I'd 100% be Team Duckie. He was the guy who was always there for Andie and always had her back whether she knew it or not. His style was unique and his dance moves were smooth and let's not forget his iconic lip sync performance of Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. A classic and unforgettable scene that made me love Duckie even more. 

Rewatching the movie after not seeing it in years just put a smile on my face and I even got my 15 year old interested in the movie. With the movie now available on blu-ray, the picture is more crisp and clear and the blu-ray also features the original trailer as well as the original ending of the movie that includes The Lost Dance. 


We've teamed up with our friends over at Paramount Home Entertainment to offer one of our Canadian readers a chance at winning a copy of Pretty in Pink on blu-ray. To enter the giveaway comment below sharing if you were or are Team Blane or Team Duckie! 

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Blue’s Clues and You DVD Review & Giveaway


Nickelodeon’s hit interactive preschool series Blue’s Clues & You! will skidoo onto DVD, featuring four exciting episodes from the show’s debut season. The series follows beloved puppy Blue and live-action host Josh (Josh Dela Cruz) as they invite a new generation of preschoolers on clue-led adventures and solve a puzzle in each episode.

In the Blue’s Clues & You! DVD collection, fans can help Josh solve games of Blue’s Clues as he tries to figure out what Blue wants for a snack, what present she wants for her birthday, what she would like to do on her playdate and more. The DVD will also include special episodes from Josh & Blue’s VLOG and eight bonus American Sign Language flashcards. Blue’s Clues & You! is now available from Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment exclusively at Walmart.

If you are looking for an educational, colorful and musical TV show for your little one to watch, I highly recommend Blues Clues & You! This show always lights up my Braxton's face as soon as he hears the thems song he is dancing and ready to solve Blues questions! (Check out Instagram stories for my little guy's reaction to the theme song, super cute!)

Whether they're counting oranges on trees or mixing different colors, it's always something new with Blue and it really does leave the problem solving up to your little one, allowing them to start thinking outside the box and getting them excited for the answer.

We play the Spotify playlist songs to Blues Clues &You throughout the house and we have watched all the episodes... several times. My husband and I actually enjoy watching the show as well! We know all the songs and we get excited to see new episodes just like Braxton does. Sometimes it is on a little later on in the night on Treehouse and we’ll even let him stay up a little later to watch new episode. We don't get tired of the show like we do some other kid shows, its so fun, colorful and it makes Braxton dance and he gets so excited, we love that. We absolutley love Blues Clues & You and glad we have the DVD so Braxton can watch over and over again. 

A clue! A clue! You can enjoy these tasty cookies while joining beloved puppy Blue and her friend Josh on clue-led adventures! BLUE'S CLUES & YOU is available now on DVD!

Blues Clues and You is now available on DVD. We've teamed up with our friends over at Paramount Home Enertainment to give one copy of the DVD away to one Canadian reader. Comment below sharing your little ones favorite character from the show Blue's Clues, past and present characters! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received  Blues Clue & You on DVD at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.