Design.ME's Gloss.ME Cannabis Sativa Oil Hair Serum Review & Giveaway

I've shared with you all before how I like trying out new hair products that will help keep my hair healthy and well maintained. So when I got the opportunity to review Gloss.ME's new Cannabis Sativa Oil Hair Serum from Design.ME, I took it.

Gloss.ME offers maximum shine to all hair types making your hair beautifully silky and soft to the touch. Gloss.ME gently nourishes hair to prevent split ends and breakage while strengthening hair strands. Not only does it combat the heat but it also fights frizz and seals in moisture for an extra layer of shine. Gloss.ME does all of this with its 100% vegan and sulfate, paraben, gluten and PETA certified cruelty-free formula; guaranteed to be your hair’s new best friend!

I was skeptical at first about using hair oil at first because I've had some bad experiences in the past. The hair serums I used would always make my hair look greasy. At the worst possible time, I would have to hop in the shower to re-wash my hair because of how oily it looked.

However, Gloss.ME is the total opposite. I can use it two to three times a day and my hair looks refreshed and super healthy! I am convinced that this hair serum completely absorbs in my hair, leaving it looking fresh and well maintained. 

I use it after the washing my hair and when I was done there was no frizz and my hair didn't look greasy. It even felt softer. After just two days I could see and feel the difference. Other people would come up to me and say, " Your hair is beautiful, it looks so healthy."

I know what you are thinking, and no Gloss.ME will not make you high, as there is no CBD or THC in this hair serum. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, also known as Hemp Seed Oil is extracted by cold-pressing hemp seeds found on the hemp plant, which does not contain any concentration of CBD or THC nor does it have any psychoactive properties. 

Gloss.ME’s original blend of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Rice Bran Oil allows for even the most damaged of hair to become soft to the touch with lust worthy shine. Don’t leave your hair high and dry, add Gloss.ME to your routine and re-energize dull, fragile hair!  

I'm so excited that I was given the chance to try this serum because this will now be in my hair routine to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. 

Gloss.ME is retailed for $22 and can be found at all Trade Secrets and Chatters locations nationwide and can be found at

We're excited to partner with Gloss.Me to offer one of our Canadian readers a chance to win this hair serum! Just comment below sharing with us your go to hair tip!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned product at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Disney's Cinderella Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review & Giveaway

In honour of its upcoming 70th anniversary, the timeless animated classic “Cinderella” waltzes into the highly celebrated Walt Disney Signature Collection and the hearts of a whole new generation. The enchanting tale, which showed us that dreams really do come true — and inspired countless fans to reenact the Royal Ball and Cinderella’s infamous midnight dash — arrives home Digitally in HD on June 18, and on Blu-ray™ and DVD on June 25.

The Anniversary Edition of “Cinderella” offers two all-new extras: “Cinderella” trivia and fun facts, hosted by Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker from Disney Channel’s “Sydney to the Max,” and “In Walt’s Words: Enhanced Edition,” a special edition of “Cinderella” featuring fascinating production details, original storyboards, archival photos, thumbnail sketches and transcripts throughout the feature film. Hours of classic bonus material celebrates the masterful animation, memorable music and long-lasting impact of “Cinderella,” showcasing Walt Disney’s core group of animators, the art of Disney Legend Mary Blair, the original demo recording of the film’s title song and Cinderella’s iconic glass slipper.

This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and to see it remastered on blu-ray and digital download was absolutely wonderful. As you guys are well aware, my family and I absolutely love Disney and Cinderella is such a classic. I was excited to sit down with my five year old and watch it again. It's been a couple of years since she's seen it, so now that she's older and loves to sit and watch movies, she was super pumped for this movie too. She absolutely loved it and was glued to the screen. She loved all of the songs and loved how pretty Cinderella's dress was.

 Not only did we enjoy this movie in a whole new light, but we loved the extra bonus features as well. It was fun to sit down with my family and play the new trivia game that's included in the bonus features, it even had my teen coming out of their room and guessing too.  

This special edition of the classic tale is a must have in your Disney movie collections before it returns to the vault and we're excited to partner with Disney Canada to offer one of our Canadian readers a chance to win a copy on blu-ray. Comment below and share with us who your favorite Disney princess is. 
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Cinderella Special Edition on blu-ray at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Disney's Dumbo Blu-ray Review & Giveaway

In “Dumbo,” struggling circus owner Max Medici enlists former star Holt Farrier and his children to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive but sinister entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere, who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, spectacular, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland.

“Dumbo” will be released in several different formats, giving families the flexibility to watch it on a variety of devices. Viewers can watch the film in Digital 4K UHD, HD and SD, and bring home a physical copy of the film as the 4K Ultra HD Edition (4K UHD, Blu-ray and Digital Code), Multi-Screen Edition (Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Code) and a single DVD.

We are a huge Disney fan in our house and have been collecting the movies for years, so I was pretty excited when we had the opportunity to review the remake live action movie, Dumbo. The hubby and I hadn't seen the animation in a few years, but I must say we were both pretty impressed with the remake. Everything from the way the movie opens up until it ends. I absolutely enjoyed this movie and so did my kids.

I was impressed with how they made Dumbo look, so realistic flying around and how without him saying a word we could tell what and how he was feeling. I absolutely loved how they re-created the dancing elephants scene before Dumbo performed in front of a huge crowd and how we got to see a bit through his eyes. I think that was one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

I also loved how they made the little girl Milly so strong and brave. How she wanted to do something besides work in a Circus. She loves sciences. The scene where her father goes looking for her and finds her in the science building looking at female mechanical dummies working in the industry that men would be in was great to see because a little girl should be able to be whatever and whoever she wants to be when she grows up.

All and all I have to say this was a great family movie that we all enjoyed. Dumbo is now available for purchase on blu-ray, digital download and 4K Ultra HD. I'm excited to partner with Disney Canada and offer one Canadian reader a chance to win their own copy With all the Disney live action remakes out and more on the way, which one is your favorite or looking forward to seeing? To enter the giveaway comment below and let us know!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Dumbo on blu-ray at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Design.ME's Bounce.ME Curl Balm Review & Giveaway

I'm always on the look out when it comes to finding and trying out new products for my hair. So I was super happy I got to review the new BounceMe Curl Balm! It quickly became my daily “must.” I have been using it for about a week and my hair feels and looks amazing!

Bounce.ME is a light weight curl balm that offers all-day medium hold and conditioning for curly hair.This curl balm protects hair from environmental stressors, controls frizz and flyaways and offers heat protection of up to 400⁰F (204⁰C) all while adding moisture and nutrients back into your curl for a longer lasting style.

Bounce.ME offers hydration to all curl/hair types–from fine to coarse or wavy to coily. Bounce.ME is 100% vegan and sulfate, salt, paraben, gluten and cruelty-free;ensuring that you get only the best ingredients for your curly mane.

I use it after the shower on damp hair and I also applied it after I've used heat on my hair. It worked great for my curls and for straight hair. Being a new mom, I don’t have much time to do my hair, so I found myself using Bounce.Me in the mornings to take away the frizz and its helped so much! This product made me look like I just did my hair.

Bounce.ME has a unique ability to maintain hair’s moisture balance and hydration through molecules that adhere to the hair cuticles and attract moisture from the air. It works great on your hair throughout warm or cold weather, the wind, etc., you name it. Enriched with Argan Oil, Bounce.Me Curl Balm helps softens your hair, conditions curls while protecting your skin, helps heals split ends and conditions curls while protecting your scalp. 

I honestly couldn't love this curl balm more if I tried. I am more than pleased and have been sharing my love for this product to friends and family and I'll definitely be keeping this in my hair routine from now on, I'm that impressed with it. 

Bounce.Me Curl Balm is retailed for $22 and can be found at all Trade Secrets and Chatters locations nationwide and can be found at
We're excited to partner with Bounce.Me to offer one of our Canadian readers a chance to win this curl balm! Just comment below sharing with us your favorite hair tip you like to use! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned product at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Thirsty Thursday: Strongbow Rose Apple Review

The warmer days are here and I for one am excited about it. With the end of the school year and beginning of summer here, comes lots of barbecues, picnics and get-togethers spent outside enjoying the warm weather. With that being said, I'm excited to share with you guys a new drink I got the chance to enjoy for this week's Thirsty Thursday. Today'we we're sharing our thoughts on the new Strongbow Rose Apple Cider.

Strongbow Rose Apple is made with real red-fleshed apples with a crisp, semi-dry, light-coral cider. From dry to sweet, Strongbow features a range of gluten-free ciders made with different apple variants to suit a variety of palettes. Both refreshing and fruity, the new Rose Apple Cider falls right in the middle of the cider spectrum as an elegant pink-tinted drink for Canadians to sip on this season.

This drink pours out a pretty light blush colour, giving you all the rosé feels. My first initial thoughts after tasting the drink was that it was crisp, semi-dry, but is balanced by fruity notes of red-fleshed apple with a refreshing sparkling rosé that reminds me a bit of champagne. This drink would be perfect to bring to your next girls night in or better yet, brunch! 

I knew I would love this drink because I am already a fan of hard cider and I've already been a fan of the original Strongbow cider for years now. With a twist of rosé being added gave it a bit more flavor and pop that I quite enjoy and can't wait to bring to my next barbecue this summer and have my girlfriends try it. Strongbow Rose Apple Cider is perfect for those of you who enjoy cider, rosé wine or sparkling wine. You can find this drink at your local LCBO retailing at $3.05 per 500ml can. 

For more information about the new Strongbow Rose Apple Cider and other Strongbow drinks, be sure to head over to

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned product at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.
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