DIY: Homemade Bath Salts

Over the years I’ve tried to think of myself as a crafty person, I mean, I’m no Martha Stewart, but if you count me being a mom and helping my six year old stay in the lines of her coloring book or making pretty cool shapes and food with playdough, I’m pretty crafty. (LOL)  Having had an online community of pretty talented women with beautiful ideas did a great deal on my craft skills. I’ve tried to make almost any and everything that I’ve came across that I felt was easy. I mean I’m not as good as most of these women who have craft blogs, but I manage.
So here we go, a few years ago around Christmas time I found this awesome bath salt recipe on Blondes Design Blog and I just LOVED how easy and simple and great this DIY project was. She did Cucumber Melon and Grapefruit, but I did Vanilla Poundcake and Lavender, my two favorite scents.  What was awesome about this little craft project was that most of everything I needed was at my local dollar store and the only thing that wasn’t were both my Essential Oils, which I got from my local Walmart. Believe me, when I say this is easy, I promise you it is, both my four and six year old have helped me do this in the past.
This is perfect for that nice relaxing bath you need after a stressful day (with a glass of wine, of course!) or since the holidays are just around the corner, you can make this and give it away for a nice cheap and affordable gift. I gave two to my mother in law, my hubby’s grandmother, gave a ton out to a girls night out I had, and made a couple for myself, everyone loved them!
Here is how mine turned out. 

And here is the recipe she and I both used which came from Petit Elefant
Epsom Bath Salts Recipe:
Essential Oils {optional}
2 Cups Epsom Salt
4 Tablespoons Baking Soda

Grab a clean bowl.
Measure out 2 cups of Epson salt into the bowl.
Now add your Baking Soda.
Now mix that in really well.
Now it’s time to add the Essential Oil. Pick a scent you can live with because essential oils are really strong and you’ll want to love the smell in your bath. Add about 6-8 drops.
Now mix that in really well and enjoy!
I’ve included two free printable labels that were made for me when I did my Bath Salts in case you’d like to print these out and make your own!
Lavender Bath Salt Lables

Vanilla Pound Cake Bath Salt Labels



  1. I will definitely try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. could you add food coloring to this to make like a peppermint swirl for a christmas gift?

  3. These are lovely where did you get your jar containers?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks so much. I actually got them from the Dollar store. If they don't have the exact ones at your local dollar store, they should have something close to it.

      LaQuita & The Ladies of Just Us Girls

  4. What paper or labels do you use to print out the bath salt labels? Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle, I used sticker paper when I printed out the labels. You can find this at your local Walmart. If they don't have any Staples would have it. An alternative would be to use card stock and tape, which would look great as well. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. What paper or labels do you use to print out the bath salt labels? Thanks!

  6. What size of sticker paper/labels did you use? 2x2? Thanks!!!

  7. They look great!! Where did you get your jars?

  8. Not sure if my post went through, the recipes are no longer available on the other webiste, could you post how many drops of each oil, please? Thank you!

  9. Looks like easy to do. I hope i will do it. Thanks. detox centers

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