Tips To Help Kids with Seasonal Allergies

It's that time of year, Allergy Season. This is the time of year I both love and hate. Love, because it's when the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, we start working on our yard and firing up the grill to eat outside.

What I hate about this time of the year is the seasonal allergies I get. I never use to have them. These allergies came about five years ago and have been coming around regularly ever since. When talking to my doctor when I first got these allergies, she told me that these seasonal allergies usually happen during the Spring when outdoor molds release their spores and when trees, grasses, and weeds release pollen into the air.

Although I have these seasonal allergies, I'm glad my kids don't have them, but there are lots of parents out there that do have kids with seasonal allergies. Since there is no cure for these allergies, you can still relieve some of the symptoms your child gets. If you're a parent with a little one with seasonal allergies, here are a few tips that I find pretty helpful that can help relieve some of the symptoms. I've used a couple of them myself that I find helps out a lot.

Allergy Tips For Kids
Take Warm Showers/Baths: Steam from a warm shower or bath can help reliefs some of the symptoms your little one may have. Having your kids enjoy a warm bath or shower with their favorite Kandoo Body Wash will let them have a bit of fun while getting clean. This tear free soap has bright colored foam that lets your child know when they're covered with soap, for a better clean

Use Boogie Wipes: When allergies are at their peak, tender noses can get sore pretty fast. Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve mucus caused by the common cold and/or allergies. They're soft on the nose and work great. You could also look for tissues made with lotion or aloe to help as well.

Use Boogie Mist: Having a plugged-up nose is one of the main symptoms I seem to get every morning during this time of the year and it can also be one of the toughest symptoms for kids to deal with. I suggest using Boogie Mist. Boogie Mist is a non-medicated sterile saline mist that works quickly inside the nasal cavity to ease congestion and plugged-up nose.

Stay Hydrated: All that sneezing and blowing can leave your child pretty thirsty. Be sure to keep a water bottle full and close by so that your child can sip on a bit of H2O throughout the day and stay hydrated.

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Pretty Little Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire! #StreamTeam

With so many shows to watch on Netflix, it can be overwhelming to decide which series to re-watch or watch for the first time. I know for myself, I love shows with lots of drama. I love the mystery and excitement to a show and love knowing that I can take an hour or two or three and binge watch some really great shows. 

One of my all time favorite shows to watch on Netflix is Pretty Little Liars. It surrounds a group of four friends whose group falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison. One year later, the girls are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A", who threatens to expose their deepest secrets, including ones they thought only Alison knew.

If you haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars or the infamous, "A," I definitely suggest you start streaming this show ASAP. It's a really good show that keeps you guessing and suspecting every single person on the show, including the main four girls.

Pretty Little Liars isn't the only show on Netflix that involves episodes in shows or movies where the characters have secrets or tell little white lies. Below is a few shows and/or movies you can stream including the newest show on Netflix, Bloodline. Happy Streaming!

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Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites #MyKPBsnackbite

Do you have a go-to food in your home that everyone absolutely loves? For us, it's peanut butter. I say this with all honesty, if you were to come into my home, you could bet that you can find peanut butter at all times in our pantry. One of the go-to brands I always use is Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter. It's not only affordable, it taste great and my kids love it.

Although it's common to have peanut butter on toast or with jam/jelly, we love eating it with just about anything. From making peanut butter cookies, ants on a log or spreading it on crackers, we use peanut butter for lots of things. And of course there are those occasions where I sneak in a spoonful to eat right off the spoon.

There are lots of different peanut butter kid approved snacks you can make for your kiddos, the one we've come to love is the easy no bake, Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites. These bite sized delicious snacks are perfect for any occasion and can be made in little to no time. I've made these a few times using the same base recipe, but changing it up a bit adding marshmallows, chia seeds and chocolate chips. My kid's all-time favorite is when we use the chocolate chips. These bite sized goodies don’t last a day in my house once the hubby, kids and their friends get their hands on them. These would be great to bring at a family get together or for your child's team if they are on any after school athletics team.

Suggested serving size is 2 to 3 of the bites represented in the above photo 

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Snack Bites
1 cup large flaked rolled oats
½ cup Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
¼ cup honey
1/2 cup chocolate chips

MIX together all ingredients in a medium bowl until blended.
ROLL into 20 (1-inch) balls, using about 2 Tbsp. for each.
CHILL for 20 to 30 min.

There are lots of different ways you can customize these delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy. To follow all the different ways you can mix up these treats be sure to follow the hashtag #MyKPBsnackbite on Twitter and for more Peanut Butter Snack Bites recipe ideas visit 

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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy #ProtectUrSmile

As a mom, I make a lot of decisions when it comes to my family's health. This includes their oral health as well. When it comes to teeth and my family, I make sure daily that my kids are brushing theirs twice, morning and night. Although I brushed my teeth daily, I still ended up with a good amount of cavities as a child because I wasn't taken to my dentist on a regular basis and I don't want that to happen with my kiddos. I want them to have healthy and strong teeth that will last them a long while.

To make sure my kid's teeth stay healthy, I take them to visit our local dentist every three to four months. That way, they get the proper treatment that will help them with both their oral and overall health. Some people don't realize how much your oral health can affect your wellbeing, but poor oral health can affect your quality of life including your physical, mental and social well-being. Your dentist can help detect, diagnose, treat and prevent problems you might not know you or your kids may have.

That's why it's best to visit a dentist on a regular basis. So be sure to give your dentist a call soon to set an appointment for you and your family. Don't have a family dentist? You can visit the Ontario Dental Association website to find one in your area.

In the meantime, here are a few tips that can help keep you and your family's teeth healthy:

- Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes at least twice a day to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 
- Eat a balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits & veggies, and lean meats. 
- Wear a mouth guard when playing aggressive sports and activities. 
- Visit your dentist regularly

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by the Ontario Dental Association, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect the Ontario Dental Association. 

Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil (Review & Sampling Opportunity) CLOSED

Spring is finally here! I don't know about you, but if you're like me, Spring is not only the time to start Spring cleaning around my house, it's also a time for me to do one of the things us ladies some times put off during the months of Winter.....


Although I do still shave my legs in the Winter, it's definitely not as often done as it is in the Spring and Summer. So to get prepared to show my legs off for the warmer months ahead, I was sent the new Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil. This shaving cream works amazing, leaving my legs feeling nice and smooth and ready to show off.

The shaving gel is not only made with Moroccan Oil, it's also infused with a blend of Vitamin E, Olive Butter and Sunflower Oil to help replenish your skin’s natural moisture for healthy looking, smooth legs.
Not only does it works great, but it smells lovely and it applies on smooth like lotion. I love that it helps hydrate my leg's natural moisture and leaves my legs feeling healthy and shiny.

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Shiftings (PS4 Video Game Review)

My family and I love spending time together. Whether it's watching a movie, playing a boardgame or even a video game together, if it's something we can all do together, it's a win for us. Shiftlings is a perfect game for a fun-filled family night of video gaming with kids (and parents) of every age.  

In the game Shiftlings, you play a pair of space engineers, Purple Plop and Green Goop, who are the unwitting contestants/test subjects of an intergalactic reality game show. As part of the program, you’ll be sent to over 50 absurdly hazardous levels across five unique worlds to perform maintenance tasks for the amusement of the audience at home. 

It has that kind of “Crash Bandicoot / Sonic the Hedgehog” feel.  You’ll travel through 50+ levels of brightly colored, brain-teasing puzzles with the two aliens who are attached together by an air supply hose that allows them to “pass gas” back and forth between the two of them, making one partner big and bouncy and one small enough to fit into compact places, then vice versa as each partner requires to complete the task, with a background story that is sure to bring some giggles out of the little ones.

It takes some planning and heavy thinking to work your way through levels while alternating controls over two characters, and there are different modes of play that allow either single-player controlling both aliens or passing off controls to a second player or multi-player online play too!  Great game, great brain-teasers, my kids love it! 

Shiftlings is now available on both the PS4 and Xbox One and Windows PC retailing at around $14.99. For more information on how you can purchase Shiftlings, be sure to head to

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Shiftlings on PS4 at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Getting Your Skin Back to Healthy This Spring with @SimpleSkincare #SimpleSkincare

Wow, this winter has been harsh, especially on my skin. Lately I have been perusing the cosmetic counters in my town trying to find a new product to help out with my dry skin. When I was offered to try some new products from Simple Skin Care, I was hesitant at first because I usually have a reaction to new skin care products but once I found out this line was made especially for sensitive skin, I was totally pumped and couldn't wait to try it.

I was sent three different products from Simple that included Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes, 24 Hour Day/Night Moisturizing Cream and a bottle of  their Cleansing Micellar Water.

The Oil Balancing Wipes are great after a long day or after a great workout. The non-abrasive cloths were soft on my face and the scent was light and refreshing. They removed dirt and make up easily without drying my skin out, which I loved. I would definitely continue to use these on a daily basis.

The 24 Hour Day/Night Moisturizing Cream was used after I was finished cleaning my face with the cleansing wipe. I was super impressed that the cream was light and did not make my face feel greasy. The texture made my skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lastly, the Cleansing Micellar Water. This product would be a great addition to you regular skin regiment, although I'm not sure I would use it on a daily basis when cleaning my face. It too, has that natural scent with a texture leaving your skin smooth and fresh and works great when removing makeup. I would probably use this once a week to keep my face hydrated in addition to the other two products.

Usually when I use skincare products, my face will turn red for a bit right after. This did not happen with the Simple Skincare Line. I believe this is due to the fact they do not use any artificial perfumes or dyes in there products which is a big plus for me and for anyone with sensitive skin.

The retail price for these items range from $9.99-$16.29. To find out more about these three products and other products from Simple, be sure to head over to

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.