CATRICE Cosmetics Review

CATRICE Cosmetics is by far the best make up I have tried. We all know that there are so many makeup brands that it is sometimes hard to tell what brand/product would be the best for you. No one wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money on makeup to then just throw it in your makeup bag because it doesn’t cover up or blend with your skin type.

Look no further this brand is fabulous. I got a chance to review a few items from CATRICE Cosmetics and I am completely satisfied with everything that I received. I got to try the liquid coverage foundation, the liquid camouflage concealer, fixing spray, primer goodbye pores and blush box. So let’s talk about these products.

Hi-Def Coverage! Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is an ultra-lightweight, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish. I tried out their 32 Nude foundation. I have tried a ton of foundation and never found the right one. I am in my mid 30’s and my skin has never been great. I have oily, red areas, acne and acne scars and this foundation provides good coverage and makes my skin look so natural. Absolutely full coverage without looking heavy on the skin. The bottle is cute and easy to apply with the unique dropper applicator, my favorite, lets you apply as little or much as you want (doesn’t run or look clumpy) and the color match is perfect. It makes my skin look so good and my makeup looks completely different - like I want it to. I wake up in the morning excited to do my makeup! I finally feel confident. Thumbs up this foundation is the best I've ever used.

Next up was the Catrice Cosmetics Corrector Liquid Camouflage 10. I applied this product together with the foundation and blend it all with a sponge brush. With the two products together they have the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin. It glides on smoothly and blends out easily and provides excellent buildable coverage. I'll then mist my face with the fixing spray I have never reapplied as it stays perfect after 12 hours of wear.

The Goodbye Pores! Catrice's Prime and Fine Pore less Blur Primer is so inexpensive and it is soft and silky and does give a blurring effect. I apply to cheeks, forehead and nose before makeup or even at bedtime. My makeup sits and feels great, then I put it on. Definitely keeps the oil away and helps with pores.

Last was the Catrice Blush Box in Berry. I am not a fan of blush because I am used to having red blotchy skin but once my entire make up is on with coverage, I applied a thin line on my cheek bone. It was a bit too dark of a color for me, but it did bring out my cheek bones and gave it a little pop. The blush is water proof and although I would have liked to have tried a more pinky then red, the blush did what it was suppose to do by highlighting my cheek bones.

After getting a chance to review these products I am fully satisfied and so pleased that I got this opportunity to try them out. I will be recommending this brand to all my family and friends that just want some great make up coverage. The price is also amazing and so inexpensive; anyone can afford this as all of CATRICE Cosmetic products are under $20! How aweosme is that?! A great brand that provides complete coverage that won't break your bank account. 

For more information about CATRICE Cosmetics, be sure to head to their website and also check your local Shopper's Drug Mart as well for those of you living in Canada. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above metioned CATRICE Cosmetic products at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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