Seattle's Best Coffee Review


Since 1970 Seattle's Best Coffee has been satisfying coffee lovers' demand for great coffee, fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience. 

I was contacted and had the pleasure of reviewing a sample of Seattle's Coffee from level one through five. I've tried their Vanilla Latte's before a couple of months ago, so I was very excited to try all levels of their coffee. We love coffee in our house. I try not to have more then one cup a day, but there are some days where you need more then one cup of Joe. So last week the hubby and I decided to drink each level of coffee starting backwards from five to one. 

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the levels, they were fun to try, but I have to say level three was my favorite and one I'll be sticking with. It wasn't too strong and it wasn't too weak. It was just right. I found it to be rich and flavorful and went perfect with my french vanilla creamer. 

I love the fact that you can choose your own level of coffee to fit exactly what you need. The hubby liked level five, but he likes coffee pretty strong.

You can either order online on their website, they even have them on amazon or you can run to your local Mac's like I had the hubby do yesterday morning after I seriously needed a cup of Joe to wake me up after the night I had at a friend's Stag and Doe. He came home with a level three large which was perfect.


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received samples of Seattle's Best Coffee's at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


  1. Though coffee companies often suggest brewing their beans in a proportion of 2 Tablespoons per 6 ounces of water, with Seattle’s Best only 1 Tablespoon is suggested. This is probably where the magic comes from -

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