In Honor of National Grilled Cheese Month Put A Twist on Tradition with Top Chef Ariane Duarte

Somehow nostalgic thoughts of grandma’s grilled cheese with its golden, crusty exterior and over-stuffed with melting, oozing goodness makes the average workday just that much easier to bear. So with that sentiment in mind, cheese enthusiasts have declared April as National Grilled Cheese Month. But instead of the  basic grilled cheese, try this recipe that’s a twist on tradition, by Ariane Duarte, of Bravo’s Top Chef and owner/executive chef of the award-winning CulinAriane restaurant.

All Finlandia cheeses are all natural, hormone-free and naturally lactose-free. With over 150 years of master cheese making experience, you’ll find robust flavors and superior melting quality in all of their flavors including Swiss, Light Swiss, Muenster, Gouda, Havarti, Double Gloucester, Oltermanni and the newest introduction – Finlandia Lacey Swiss.

So take a tip from Ariane and try this savory recipe for Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto and Olive Tapenade and lose your thoughts in the warmth and goodness of National Cheese Month. For more information as well as additional recipes, be sure to log onto

Prosciutto and Finlandia Grilled Gouda Cheese with Olive Tapenade
Created by Chef Ariane Duarte

Serves 4

¼ lb. imported prosciutto
1 package Finlandia Gouda sliced cheese
8 slices sliced country white bread
4T butter

Olive Tapenade
1c olives (your choice) – pits removed
2 cloves garlic
1t red pepper flake
1T olive oil
1T chopped parsley
Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse about 6 times.

Spread tapenade on all 8 slices of bread. Then add a slice of cheese and a slice of prosciutto to only 4 slices and top with each of the remaining 4 slices.
Melt butter on a griddle and toast “sandwiches” golden brown and until cheese melts.



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