Looking For An Afterschool Activity For Your Kids? Try Basketball!

Is your kid(s) looking for a sport or after-school activity to participate in? I know my kids love being in soccer and dance. The hubby and I encourage them to try anything once. Since basketball season will be here before you know it we plan on encouraging both our son and daughter to give it a try if that's something that they are interested in.

Since there is more Canadian talent in the NBA than ever before, inspire your kiddos to hit the courts. Below are four reasons that make playing basketball a great sport for kids from the NBA's new youth program:

1. Overall fitness: Basketball is a sport that involves a lot of stopping, starting and jumping. This type of physical activity is a great cardiovascular workout and improves balance and coordination. It also improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination as players master fundamental skills like dribbling, shooting, passing and footwork.

2. Accessibility: With nearly 700 basketball clubs in Canada, it’s easy to find a place to play. In addition to playing in organized leagues, kids can incorporate frequent physical activity into their day by finding a pick-up game at the park or even practicing their dribbling skills on their own.

3. Life skills: Participating in team sports like basketball teaches important lessons that will help kids in all facets of life. Through sports, kids learn how to work as part of a team, how to apply themselves to achieve a goal and how to act graciously in both victory and defeat.

4. Cost: Basketball requires very little equipment; anyone with a pair of running shoes can play. This keeps the cost down and helps parents balance the household finances.

Participation in basketball is growing at a faster rate than any other sport in Canada. Does your child have hoop dreams?

NBA.com/playball is an online resource to locate basketball programs in your area. You can search by province, region, city or town to find detailed information about available teams or leagues in your area to find a place for the little hoopster to play.


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