New Girl Season 2 DVD Giveaway

I'm definitely a huge fan of the show, New Girl. Not only are all the characters simply hilarious, but the chemistry between Nick and Jess during part of season one and pretty much all of season two had everyone that's a fan of this show on edge. At the last few episodes of season two we get to see the romance start to blossom with these two and the season ends with us wondering how their relationship will work in season three, which has already aired.

In season two we also get to see just how strong Schmidt and Nick's friendship is as we get to see these two back in their college days as well as watch them continue to laugh, joke yell, scream and make up with one another. Their friendship and chemistry is definitely another favorite of mine.

It’s hard to imagine living with Schmidt and his crazy personality traits for so many years, but it can be done. If you have an important friend-iversary coming up, you don’t want to be caught off guard when your friend sends you an e-mail similar to the one Schmidt sent Nick, asking how you should plan on commemorating this special friend-iversary. Check out the ideas below for some fun ways on how to celebrate your friend-iversary!

 Destination: Best Friends Forever
There’s no better excuse for a vacation than a special friend-iversary. Hop in the car with your BFF and hit the road towards whatever destination you’ve been dying to visit. Be sure to stock the car with your favorite snack foods and lots of CD’s full of songs that the two of you have jammed to over the years. There’s no need to worry about being stuck in the car for hours upon hours, because you and your best friend know how to make anything fun and entertaining.

Drinking Buddies
A friend-iversary calls for some serious celebration. Hit the town and get rip roaring drunk with your besty. This form of celebration is perfect for that best friend that you met in college, just like Nick and Schmidt, who was by your side every weekend ready to throw back a few shots. You may be a little past your weekend warrior days, but this is a special occasion! With drinks in hand, there’s bound to be tons of toasts in honor of your friendship and a lot of great memories resurfacing.

Friendship Flashback
Is there something or someplace that you and your BFF used to always do together? Maybe you completely forgot about that restaurant where you used to eat breakfast every Sunday morning or that bar that you frequented for their beer specials on weeknights. In honor of your friend-iversary, make an appearance at one of your old hang out spots. As soon as you walk in the door, all of the old memories will come back to you and you’re bound to have a great time reminiscing.

Take a Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 
A friend-iversary means that the two of you have been hanging out for many, many years. Your pal probably makes you feel more comfortable than anyone else. They know everything about you and can talk sense into you when you’re being a little irrational. Maybe you both secretly want to go sky diving, eat a crazy food, or try out a new religion. If you do it together, in honor of your anniversary, then you will forget that you’re a little terrified, grossed out, or nervous. Schmidt would agree; anything is possible with your BFF by your side.


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