Back To School w/ @DKCanada

There's nothing like getting back to our regular school routine. We're going on our second week of school and I'm loving it. Last week the parents had more homework than the kids with getting the yearly paperwork done. This week the kids will be getting back to their routines with doing homework and learning new curriculum at school.

My kids are getting older and so is their curiosity for learning about new subjects. They're asking questions about life in general and about countries, animals and so much more. So it seemed fitting to me that I check out DK Canada's Back to School Boutique because for a limited of time they are offering 30% off on children's reference books that will help them with learning more about different subjects that they will be learning in school.

I had the opportunity to choose a couple of books from the Back To School Boutique and decided on their Smithsonian Geography A Visual Encyclopedia and Animals A Visual Encyclopedia. My kids are constantly asking about different places around the world. Mostly because we go shopping in the states a lot and also because we have family that live in in the states so we try and visit a couple times a year if we can. With the Geography Encyclopedia, I'm hoping that my kids will be able to learn more about how different countries work and how they are different from one another. They've learned that Canada is our country, Ontario is our Province and the city we live in are all different. It took them a bit to learn about the states and how it worked as far as country, states and cities. So having the Geography Encyclopedia is perfect. 

The Animals Encyclopedia has been helpful and useful since our trip to African Lion Safari. The kids are always asking questions about different animals and where they are located, etc. Both books are over 300 pages that are filled with knowledge that my kids will have the pleasure of learning and having on hand when researching school work. 

You can still save on books from their Back to School Boutique for a limited of time. They have books that will be able to help your child in subjects from math, science, art and much more!
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the books mentioned above at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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