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By now all of our kids are back in school. They're getting use to their new teacher, classroom and even meeting some new friends. This also means time to start preparing for when they get home from their long 8 hour day away from home and what's better than an after school snack?

I know when my kids run off the bus the first thing they do is yell, "Can we have a snack?!" right after the hug and kiss of course. I've recently started a snack basket thanks to a few people on Pinterest and it's been working really well. The kids come home, they put their things away and then they look in the snack basket to see what's available. There are occasions where having something else made that will keep them comfortable until dinner and this is where President's Choice comes in.
I absolutely love their products. PC has been a brand that I have loved and trusted to give my family for years. They have numerous products that not only taste absolutely delicious, but are affordable as well. I love shopping at a store that have their products. Our main store in town that sales President's Choice items is No Frills. I shop there often, so when I received a gift card to go and shop for some after school snacks for my kids, I knew exactly what I wanted to get and was so happy with the results of everything.

Although we have our snack basket that has been working very well, I decided that I would make something for my kids when they got home from school this week instead of just going to get a regular snack. I headed to the store and purchased the following items from the President's Choice brand where I created three different snacks for my kids this week: Whole Grain & Wheat Tortilla from their Blue Menu, Mozzarella sliced cheese, Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies and their Cream First Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

The first day Back to School my kids came home to a turkey wrap which included a whole wheat tortilla, mozzarella cheese from PC along with sliced turkey, lettuce and tomato with a bit of mustard, which turned out great. This kept them full and not asking for another snack before dinner.

Another snack I made was a Shrimp and Crab Civiche that I served with the Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. I absolutely love Civiche, it's a sea food type of salsa that's served in Mexican Restaurants. I'll be sharing the recipe some time next week, but this was a great snack for my kids to munch on and they loved it.

My last snack I made was an ice cream sandwich with the Decadent Chocolate Chip cookies and Vanilla Bean ice cream from President's Choice. I also threw in some Skor bits I had laying in my pantry to kick it up a notch. This by far had to be their favorite to come home to because it was ice cream and cookies, what kid can say no to that.

You can find all these products and more at the following stores where President's Choice is sold:

No Frills
Real Canadian Superstore
Extra Foods
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a President's Choice gift card to purchase the above mention items at no cost for the purpose of sharing this review. No other compensation was received


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