Top 3 Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

With 24 seasons and more than 500 episodes aired, it's hard to think of a bigger pop culture phenomenon than The Simpsons. Every Halloween, fans of the long-running series look forward to the 'Treehouse of Horror' episode, a trilogy of gory shorts. We've witnessed Homer's head transformed into a donut, a memorable reading of The Raven and the revelation of Maggie's alien heritage, but here are three of our favourite spooky segments from the beloved Halloween special.

The Shinning

The show is known for its brilliant parodies, and this tribute to Stephen King's The Shining is chilling, funny and totally spot on. The Simpsons arrive to look after Mr Burns' creepy lodge, where Bart discovers he has a psychic power known as the 'shinning'. When the evil billionaire cuts the cable television and takes away the beer, Homer goes crazy and tries to murder his family. Featuring cameos from other Simpsons favourites, including Groundskeeper Willie, Police Chief Wiggam and Moe, the episode condenses the classic film to six minutes of hilarious horror.

Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

A parody of Nightmare on Elm Street, Groundskeeper Willie appears as a Freddy Krueger-inspired character in this spoof from 'Treehouse of Horror VI'. When Willie dies in a horrible accident at a PTA meeting, he vows to get revenge on the parents of Springfield by attacking their children where they can't be protected ... in their dreams. Highlights from this episode include Martin Prince's tragic but hilarious death after taking a nap in class, and Maggie saving the day with her trusty pacifier.

I've Grown a Costume on Your Face

A witch with a grudge against the residents of Springfield casts a spell to turn them into their costumes. Although not as scary as some of the other Halloween specials, this segment is a lot of fun, with Bart turning into a werewolf, Lisa as Albert Einstein and Maggie as a cute little witch who uses her powers to turn everyone into dummies. Fortunately not something you generally have to worry about when choosing your kids' Halloween costumes, the wacky premise provides a lot of laughs in this typically surreal Simpsons short.


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