nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Review

I got the chance to review the five piece nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin hair care system. Let me just say that I will try anything to get my hair into a healthy state…Or at least just minimize breakage. So, I was pretty stoked to try these products, to say the least. This hair collection works on all hair types to help keep your hair smooth, strong and flexible.

The first time I used these products, I used all five products together, and only these products. (Leaving out my heat protection spray and other products was a challenge for me, but I wanted to see how they worked without any help of other brands.) Of course, I started with the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, which didn’t smell too great. Not bad, but nothing worth writing home about. Also, it didn’t lather up as much as other shampoos. However, it’s sodium chloride free! So, I’m satisfied! Step one to healthier hair, complete.

The second product I tried was the Intensive Hair Mask. I was nervous about this product only because whenever I put a large amount of any type of conditioner in my hair, it seems to take a half hour just to rinse out. Not with this one! It smells pretty and it rinses out easily. Love it! The same goes for the Deep Conditioner, smells great and leaves my hair completely free of any greasy type of residue that will leave my hair looking dirty once styled.

After I styled my hair with the use of the Liquid Keratin Leave-in Reconstructor and Ultra Shine Serum, I noticed my hair feeling softer and healthier looking. I have to admit, I did think that it was just my imagination and pure hopeful thinking that made me see this difference. But once I used it the second time, same routine, my friends commented on how much shine my hair had to it. I’m definitely happy with this product and will continue to use it in hopes of one day staring in a shampoo commercial… Too much? Okay, so the shine may be going to my head, but you get the point.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Hair system at no cost in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received.


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