Steak and Egg Quesadilla #LoveCDNBeef

Growing up as a kid who's grandparents raised animals, eating both beef and eggs was something that I did often. I remember helping my grandmother get the eggs from the chickens, feeding our cows, pigs and goats and having so much fun doing so. I remember going to help my Bigmama (what we called my grandma)  at least three to four times a week. It was just another thing we did together and tons of memories that I will remember forever. Even though my family and I don't live on a farm and don't have any farm animals, that's not keeping me from sharing my stories and experience with my kids.

 As a kid with grandparents who raised their animals for eggs and meat, not to keep as pets, I had to learn to adjust and tried not to get too attached because once one animal left, another one came to take its place. Don't worry, I didn't tell that part of my experience with my kids, not yet anyways, lol.  But growing up I did learn to appreciate the importance of good, healthy beef and I am still learning til this day.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with both Canadian Beef and Burnbrae Farms thanks to She's Connected and was one of the bloggers chosen to be in their Canadian Beef Blogger Program for the month of August. Our mission was to share and spread the word with you all about Canadian Beef and I also thought I'd throw in a recipe for you all as well.

You can check out Canadian Beef to learn so much as far as cooking and preparing beef, tips and FAQs regarding beef, how protein can help with loosing weight on their Health and Nutrients page and also check out their recipes section. They have so many delicious recipes you can try and you can pick and choose whichever fits right with your family.

I was thinking and debating on what to make to combine beef and eggs. There are so many wonderful recipes out there. So over the weekend I decided I'd make a Steak and Egg Quesadilla for my family. This was absolutlely delicious and so very easy to make. The Canadian Beef steaks were so tender and was a hit with my husband and kids!

Steak and Egg Quesadilla
Serves 4

8 tortillas
8 eggs
8 oz. Steak Strips
4 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 cups Shredded Cheese
1 Onion
2-3 Peppers (depending on how much you want in your quesadilla)
Salsa optional (I used Wholly Guacamole's Roasted Tomato Salsa)

For each serving, grill 2 oz. steak strips. Heat 1 tsp. oil in large skillet. Lay tortilla in skillet. In separate skillet, heat 1 tsp. olive oil, whisk 2 eggs and scramble. Turn tortilla and place eggs, 1/4 cup warm peppers and onions, grilled steak and 1/2 cup cheese on half of tortilla. Fold tortilla in half turn. Cook quesadilla until cheese has melted and cut into 4 wedges. Let cool, eat and enjoy!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Canadian Beef Blogger program by ShesConnected. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. All opinions are honest and always my own


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