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Whether you're travling close or far, auto insurance is important to have. I remember our drive a couple of years ago going back to visit some family in California. It took us two and a half days to get there with stops and two little ones. It was a very long trip, especially when one of the two kids were in diapers back then. 
One thing I made sure was that my husband got enough sleep and was well rested before we headed back on the roads because driving for hours and hours at a time without any rest isn't healthy and is very dangerous. When I felt he was getting tired in the slightest I made him pull over even if he could, continue driving, like he said, I knew pulling over to the next hotel was the smart choice.

According to a recent poll conducted by Insurance Hunter 

64% of men have continued driving on a road trip when tired
24% of men said they have not paid close attention to the road because they were tired
17% of men said they hoped they wouldn’t get into an accident and kept driving even though they were exhausted
10% of men almost got into an accident because they were tired

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It's important while on the road that you have enough rest, for the safety of yourself and others. To get more information please check out the Insurance Hunter's safety survey that was conducted.

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