Captain McFinn Book Series & Sing-A-Long CD Review

Captain McFinn and Friends is an original, innovative, and educational book series designed to promote kindness and friendship for children ages 4-8. Children, parents, teachers, school administrators, and camp staff will all enjoy and benefit from this collection of books and activities which includes 3 hard and soft cover books, an activity book, sing-a-long music CD and educational materials for teachers, parents and the classroom.

I was given three books and an audio CD to review with my daughter, Joey.  She absolutely loves the stories of Captain McFinn.  The books are colorful and entertaining while still being short enough to keep an active child’s attention span.  The stories are simple enough for young readers to easily follow, repeat the series of events and still grasp the moral of the story which is so important with early reading.  The CD was also a big hit with Joey.  She has a great love of music and being an active child this gave her an active and physical way to enjoy the books and characters. 

Below are the titles and descriptions of the three books I received.

The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends: In this story we are introduced to the friendly black tip shark, Captain McFinn, who was once one of the biggest bullies on Sandy Dusty Reef. He meets the Undersea Friends who teach him, through kindness, that being a friend is always better than being a bully. Captain McFinn transforms from bully to leader and protector of the Sandy Dusty Reef.

Captain McFinn and Friends Meet Coral Rose: Captain McFinn and Friends go on an adventure of discovery when they stumble upon a new paradise where they meet their newest friend, Princess Coral Rose - The Princess Between the Tides.

Captain McFinn and Friends Rock!: The day Captain McFinn and his Undersea Friends start a band, they learn about more than just making great music. When Bella feels left out, it takes some extra Finn Power to get everybody ready for the big contest. Will hard work and friendship win the prize, or will Tox and the Barracuda Brothers ruin the fun?

This engaging 3 book series also includes an activity book with stickers, sing-a-long audio CD, mobile apps, eBooks and a wide variety of educational materials perfect for every educator’s budget.
 Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mention books and audio c.d. at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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