Preparing For Your Little One's Future with Heritage RESPs

Another school year is approaching. It still feels like summer just got here and I’m already preparing for my kids to head back-to-school this fall. I can’t believe I have a little girl starting grade four and a little man starting grade two. It feels like it was only yesterday I was putting them on the bus for the first time. Speaking of time, it sure does fly by!

Given how quickly life seems to be progressing, I love that, even though my little girl is nine, she has already told me she wants to be a fashion designer once she gets older. Now, of course that might change since she’s only nine, but I love that I can talk to her about what she wants to do when she is an adult and that college is an option. I know that preparing for not only hers, but my other two kids’ futures is a must and I’m so glad that the hubby and I have already started.

(Very first day of school)

We’ve had an RESP for our kids since we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. If you’re not familiar with an RESP, it’s an education savings plan registered under Canada's Income Tax Act that is made for your beneficiary (usually a child) to help finance their post-secondary education. The RESP is tax-sheltered until the plan matures (usually when the child turns 18). What I love about RESPs is that they can also allow you  to apply for various government grants on top of what you invest in the plan. That helps us parents, relatives and friends save even more for a child's post-secondary education. I also love that if your child decides not to pursue a higher education, you’re still able to withdraw the money you’ve put into the account or you can transfer the RESP to another child.   

Having a RESP for your little one will help them fulfill their dreams of pursuing a career that they really enjoy. Give the gift that will last a lifetime. You can find out more about RESP's from HeritageEducation Funds.

Since 1965, Heritage Education Funds has been helping thousands of families save for their children's post-secondary education. For more information about their plans, please be sure to visit, If you would like to contact a representative, please visit:
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