O.B. Pro Comfort Review & Giveaway #Giveusoneperiod

I have never been a tampons kind of girl. I think it's mainly because I had a bad experience with them when I was in seventh grade. Let's just say, I had to have my mom bring me in a change of clothes. The only time you will catch me wearing one is when I'm getting in a pool or at the beach. Although I've gotten use to them ever since my bad experience in seventh grade, I never found the ones that I'd love to wear throughout my entire time when I'm on my menstrual cycle.

So when I was sent a box of the new O.B. Pro Comfort, I was a bit nervous to try them, especially since it's not only do I not wear tampons a lot, but the pro comfort has no applicator to help you put the tampon in, but I actually kind of prefer it like this. By putting the tampon in with your finger, you're able to insert in your tampon in a comfortable position and follow the natural curve of your vagina. I found this to be great since when I normally use a tampon that has an applicator it takes a while before I feel comfortable.

I still was nervous to have the tampon in for a long period of time, but I did last a full six hours. I didn't leave the house, but I did clean the house, move around a lot and had no problem with leakage whatsoever. This definitely makes me feel a lot better about using tampons. Since using them the first time, I've been out to the movies and dinner and have had no problems.

O.B. Pro Comfort may look like it won't protect you for the full eight hours because of how small it is, but its fluidlock grooves draw fluid into the centre core of the tampon, all while expanding it to fit your unique shape. This gives you up to 8 hours of amazing protection. I love that it's small enough to fit in your pocket and takes little to no room in your purse so you have room to add more items.

For more information about O.B. Tampons, head on over to www.giveusoneperiod.ca

@OB_Canada is offering a box of O.B. Pro Comfort to 50 Canadian Just Us Girls readers!

All you need to do is be one of the first 50 readers to fill out THIS survey and leave a comment letting us know that you are willing to try and give O.B. one period and you will receive a box of 18.

Update: All 50 boxes have been claimed. Thank you all so much for wanting to review and try them out!

Disclosure: Compensation was received in exchange for this review but All opinions are my own.


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