Must Have Diaper Bag Essentials! #DisneyBabyCA (Giveaway)

It's been six weeks since our little girl was born. Six weeks of me remembering what having a newborn in the house felt like seven years ago. I love it. It's exhausting and exciting all at once. The little one is finally sleeping almost through the night. She only wakes up now for one feeding now, which has helped me out so much.

Right before the kids went back to school, I made sure they were scheduled for doctors, dentist and eye doctor appointments, which meant we were running in and out of the house a lot. One thing I did was made sure that my diaper bag was filled with everything I could possibly need while waiting for my kids at their appointments. We all know waiting at both the doctors and dentists could take a while and with a baby on board, it's best to always be prepared in case anything happens.

Disney Baby has provided a list below of items to have on hand in your Diaper Bag: 

1.  Diapers, diapers and more diapers!
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep plenty of diapers on hand. Bring one for every hour you’ll be out, plus one more – you don’t want to get caught without! 

2. Don’t be without wipes
Keep some wipes in a handy travel size container. These are great for keeping baby clean post changing and are useful for wiping down sticky fingers and faces, dirty surfaces and changing pads as well.  

3.  Diaper Rash Cream
Pick up a small tube and keep it ready at hand. You never know when diaper rash could develop, and you don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable when you’re nowhere near home!

4.  Pack a changing pad
Many diaper bags, including this Mickey Mouse one, come with changing pads inside. Changing pads make dealing with diapers a clean and comfortable experience, especially when there isn’t a changing table available.

5.  Extra clothing
No matter how prepared you are, accidents can happen, trust me! When you’re on the move with a baby, any number of things could necessitate a wardrobe change. This happened to me and the baby a couple weeks ago while out shopping. I had to rush into the family bathroom to change her diaper, clean her all up and use the extra set of clothes I packed. Extra clothes ALWAYS comes in handy. Disney Baby has plenty of adorable Layette sets, available at all major retail locations – check out these super cute body suits for inspiration! They will fit neatly in your bag, so your baby can stay stylish, even on the run.

6.  Bring a selection of snacks
If your baby is bottle feeding, keep some formula ready at hand. If your baby is older, take some snacks in a reusable container and fill a learner cup with water or juice.
 I always make sure to have these items on me when I head out the door with the baby. What are some items you pack in your diaper bag for your little one?

We are offering one Canadian Just Us Girls reader a chance at winning a Minnie Mouse Bundle Prize Pack. Leave a comment letting us know what are your must have items you need in your diaper bag. The Minnie Mouse Bundle Prize Pack includes: 

A Minnie Mouse SoftPal night light
A set of Minnie Mouse orthodontic bottles
A Minnie Mouse learner cup (for ages 6+)
A set of Minnie Mouse natural shape orthodontic pacifiers

Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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