Back To Our Normal Routine #BTS #MomTrust

We made it through the first week of school, woot! It definitely was a challenge getting both the older kids back to their normal schedule with a new little one to also take care of, but we did it. Last week our house got back to normal. Back to regular bed times, dinner at six and getting up early the next morning and a somewhat quiet house for a few hours.

A few things I do to make our school mornings are a bit easier is to do a lot of the work the night before, this saves so much time in the mornings:

Make lunches the night before
Take Baths/Showers the night before
Pick out and hang up clothes for the entire week

With the first week out of the way, the kids are now excited to head back to school after the weekend. They were both a bit nervous as my daughter headed to grade four and my son into grade two. I think my son was more nervous than my daughter. Although she was only nervous because of the work she has to do in grade four, my son was a bit nervous for a different reason. He's had the same teacher since junior kindergarten. He had her for both JK and SK and than she moved up with them for grade one. He's also been in the same class with his cousin, Josie, since they started school. Two big changes for him going into grade two. So school this year definitely made him nervous, but he got through it and had a great week.

Now that we're in week two of school, everything seems to be running a bit more smoother. The kids are happier and even more excited this week, wish is great. My husband is home from his latest business trip, so I have his help this week with the all three kids and I can squeeze in a bit of me time in there as well.

How did the first week of school go for your little ones? Were they nervous? Excited? Scared? How did it go for you? 
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