The Zelfs: Toadstool Swirl-n-Swing (Review) #HolidayGiftGuide

When I was younger, I loved to collect Trolls. Do you remember those mini colorful hair dolls? Some eve had gems on their belly's where their bellybutton is suppose to be. I use to have at least a dozen of them. We would bring some to school or play dates and trade them. They were one of the, "IT," toys in the early nineties.

Well now there's The Zelfs. They remind me so much of trolls and when I told my nine year old this when she first started collecting them, she didn't believe me until I showed her a Google image.

Zelfs are lovable creatures with crazy hair. They come in many different colors and live in an enchanted world.

My daughter is a huge fan and loves to collect them. They have many different Zelfs along with lots of accessories including the Toadstool Swirl-n- Swing. This new toy will have any fan of Zelfs wanting it in their collection.

The Toadstool is a playset that has room for three Zelfs to sit on. The seats are leafs, which is pretty cute. When you put your Zelf in the seat, you'll notice that there are safety bars to help them stay seated when you spin them and to keep them safe, of course! You can turn the top of the Toadstool and spin and swing away and watch your Zelfs spin around and around!

The Toadstool also comes with one exclusive Zelf named, Ribbita, so you can add her to your collection as well. I think this is pretty awesome for any Zelfs fans out there. It kind of reminds me of a merry-go-round you would see at a carnival. This would also be a great way to display your Zelfs as well if you have them on a shelf. The Toadstool retails for around $24.99 and can be found in most toy stores. This would be a great gift for any young girls who love Zelfs this holiday season.

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Zelfs Toadstool at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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