I Dare You To Give Back #dareyou

The holidays is one of the popular times of the year where we try and give back to those less fortunate, those we love and to just do a random act of kindness to strangers. My husband and I try to give back throughout the year by donating clothes, canned goods and dry food to shelters or just by buying someone's coffee in the drivethru of a Tim Hortons. We also donate items to a friend of ours in California who takes boxes of items to kids less fortunate in Mexico. This is the type of gesture we try and install in our kids as well. They love helping pick out items for the kids in Mexico we donate to.

Research shows that one of the main reasons people decide to give is simply because someone asked. When someone shows me a random act of kindness, it always puts a smile on my face, makes my day so much better and also encourages me to give back as well. Imagine if every Canadian giver challenged one other person to donate or volunteer along with them? We would make Canada an even more loving country.

An effective way to ask someone to do something is simply just to dare them. So that's exactly what Dare2Give by My Giving Moment is doing. They're asking Canadians that give, to dare others in their lives to donate or volunteer with them, to increase their giving impact and to make Canada a more caring nation. This is an amazing opportunity for all Canadian givers to double their giving impact by daring someone to give with them.

That's exactly what I plan on doing. I'm daring my fellow bloggers of Just Us Girls to give back. That's right, I'm asking all the ladies of Just Us Girls, Bobbi Jo, Maggie, Liisa, Sarah, Kristin, Carlie and Alexis to help me give back. Not only am I asking the ladies of Just Us Girls, but I also dare you, our lovely and dedicated readers to do the same as well.

By daring your friends, family and colleagues, to give back, you'll have a chance to win for your favourite charity including the grand prize of a television commercial. This contest is open until December 14th, 2014. So head on over to Dare2Give or see below to enter how many dares you've made for a chance to win!

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Rideau Hall Foundation, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Rideau Hall Foundation.


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