Keeping Your Little Ones Warm This Winter #DisneyBabyCA

It's that time of the year. The time where we're digging out our Winter gear and wearing multiple layers of clothing is a must. It feels like it came out of nowhere, but it has been getting pretty chilly lately, so I made sure that I was prepared.

Now that I'm a mommy of a little one again, I had to make sure that I had everything that she'll need for these next few months of Winter. Getting items for my older two was a breeze. A few weeks ago I went ahead and got them new snow boots, snow pants, gloves and hats so that when the cold really hit us, they'd be ready to go. I also set up my front closet so that all of my kids Winter gear was put in one spot for easier access. I even have a spot ready for the baby. Her snowsuit is hanging up and since each kid has a basket for their hats and gloves, I made sure that the baby had her hats in her basket too.

Are you prepared for the cold weather yet? To help prepare your baby for the wintry weather ahead, DisneyBaby has put together five tips for keeping your little one warm, all winter long.

TIP #1: Appropriate attire
While it may seem like a good idea to turn your little one into a snow-suited marshmallow, be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want baby to overheat! A good rule of thumb is to dress children less than a year old in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus one more.

Tip #2: Easy on, easy off
Opting for a cozy jumpsuit, like this fleecy Winnie the Pooh number, makes layering an easy task. Simply slip these one piece wonders over baby’s outfit as you’re leaving the house. With built-in booties and mittens, a snuggly suit will ensure your little one is ready to face even the chilliest of days.

Tip #3: Collect cute caps
Heat escapes through the top of the body, so always make sure your little one’s head is covered. For warmth and style, try these adorable Princess and Pooh cap, mitt and bootie sets – they’re perfect for tiny noggins!

TIP #4: Take brrr-eaks
Babies need fresh air, even in winter, and it’s perfectly fine to take your little one outside when it’s chilly. But it’s important not to keep baby out in the cold too long. Look out for fussiness or other signs of discomfort and if you see them, head inside for a cuddle!

TIP #5: Create a cozy crib

Your baby can get chilly, even inside, and many moms worry about keeping little ones warm while they’re asleep. Step one is to create a snug environment. Try using a flannel fitted sheet in your crib and a cozy footed sleeper to keep your little one toasty from tip to toe. For really tiny tots, swaddling is a great option – just make sure you don’t use too many layers!

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