Fall 2014 Playlist: What Are Your Listening To?

So the other day I was going through ideas in my head on what new to post on the blog and then all of a sudden remembered that there was a time, long ago, when I shared my playlist with you guys. It's literally been years since I last shared with you guys what I've been listening to. That's so sad and I apologize.

As I shared on my Jabra Solemate Mini review, I listen to every type of music there is. My love for music has no boundaries and if there's a song that I can bop my head to or a song that just catches my attention, I love it.

Since it's Fall, I've been listening to slower songs than usual. It just seems more calming while cleaning and typing during the day. I still have some good dance worthy songs on my playlist that I play when I feel like dancing, but lately it's been a mixture of slow songs that I've been playing over and over again.

Fall 2014 Playlist:

  1. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran is just brilliant. I love his new album X and this is one of my favorite songs to listen to.)
  2. Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One (Although I can't relate to this song with the lyrics, Sam Smith's voice in this song makes me hit replay every single time I listen to it)
  3. You+Me - You and Me (I first heard this song when it debut on Ellen. I had to download it and found myself buying the entire album. If you haven't heard the duo that is Pink and Dallas Green, go on Youtube, listen to it. You won't be disappointed!)
  4. Tinashe - 2 On (Such a catchy song. I love Tinashe's voice.)
  5. Misterwives - Vagabound (I watch Finding Carter, this is the theme song. As soon as I heard it, I had to have it on my playlist!)
  6. Shawn Mendes - Life of The Party (I love his voice. Plus this song talks about being yourself and having fun being you. Love it!)
  7. Chris Brown Ft. Usher & Rick Ross- New Flame (Although I don't like his actions as a person, as an entertainer and singer, I've loved all of his songs. Plus this features one of my celebrity crushes, Usher!)
  8. Meghan Trainor - Close Your Eyes (After All About That Bass, I had to buy her album. This is one of my favorite songs. She's such an amazing singer.)
  9. Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj - Touchin, Lovin (Catchy song and I love Trey Songz voice.)

What Are You Listening To?


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