Keep Clean This Winter w/ @KandooKids

With Winter just around the corner, it's time to start getting prepared, making sure that we have all the supplies we need that will help our little ones when or if they become sick this Winter. Some of my go to products include lots of items from Kandoo. I like to make sure that I have products that are not only safe for my kids to use, but that will also allow them to have fun while using them.

That's why I love all of the Kandoo products, from the hand soap to the body wash, shampoo bubble bath and wipes. I love how kid friendly and easy their products are when being used. I know that my kids will use these products because they not only smell good, but they look fun to use. My son loves the colors from the foam soaps. My daughter loves using their shampoo now that she takes showers instead of baths. She loves that she can use a couple of pumps and clean her hair without moms help. I love knowing that the shampoo is tear free, so if anything gets in her eyes, it won't irritate her.

I also love having their hand soap out for not only my kids, but for when we have play dates and they have friends over. I always get a kick out of hearing the kids come out of the rest room and let me know that they love Kandoo.

With the range of products that Kandoo provides for your little ones, that are not only tear free and hypoallergenic, you'll be all set this Winter keeping your little ones clean.

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