@GaiamCanada Balance Ball Chair Review

For the most part of the day, I am sitting at work at my desk. I've been wanting to try the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair for a while now, so I was pretty pumped when I had the opportunity to review it. I was so excited to try out this innovative chair design that I immediately opened the box and began assembly. The chair was very easy to put together and the ball was easy to inflate with the pump that was included. I tested the chair out both at home and at work.

The Balance Ball Chair offers health and fitness benefits while you're sitting at home or at the office. It's designed for people between 5-feet and 5-feet, 11-inches tall. The Balance Ball Chair is just like the same balance ball you would use in your workout routine, but with an adjustable support bar, easy-glide casters and an air pump to help keep you moving throughout the day.

The chair is very comfortable and allows you to maintain correct posture at your work-space which helps to reduce stress and strain on the body. I was able to identify how poor my posture often is when using my regular office chair. With the Balance Ball Chair, my posture was quickly corrected and I immediately felt less strain on my shoulders and neck as well as my core being activated.

The chair also comes with a desktop guide that demonstrates stretches and exercises one can do by utilizing the chair. The balance ball can be removed from the chair easily and within seconds you are able to stretch and relax for a quick break. There was also a DVD included with a workout guide in order to incorporate your chair into a whole body workout. I appreciated that the chair also had wheels in order to move freely around my office as needed.

The only concern I had with the chair was the included ball smaller than the standard balance ball. The size of the ball made the chair lower to the ground than an office chair would. I was not at the height I like to be at my desk. After reading online on Gaiam, they do recommend re-inflating your ball after you first inflate it so that the ball has stretched to its final size.

Overall, the Balance Ball Chair is great and I really appreciate all of the health benefits it has to offer! I would highly recommend this chair for anyone looking to get some exercise in during the day while they're at work or in their home office. This would be a great gift for the upcoming holidays considering New Years is around the corner, this would be perfect for those with goals to exercise a bit more. 

The Balance Ball Chair retails for $139.99 and can be purchased at www.gaiam.ca
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Gaiam Balance Ball Chair at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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