Keep Good Food From Going Bad! #GladFreshFoodChallenge

Did you know that the typical Canadian household spends over $5,000 a year on groceries and as a result 14% of that food is thrown out in the garbage, which results to over $700 worth of food items. This is about two months worth of groceries. Whether it's spoiled fruits and veggies being left in the fridge or freezer burnt meat that can no longer be used, we're throwing away our money.

Last month, my family was asked to take the Glad Fresh Food Challenge. A challenge where we try not to waste any food for a full two weeks by using GLAD products to help protect our groceries, fresh produce, frozen food and leftovers. I happily took the challenge because like many families, we too waste food in our household. I knew this was going to be a challenge, but I'm happy to say that we did pretty awesome with this challenge.

To help us out with our challenge, GLAD sent us over a huge package that included their Cling Wrap, Press 'n Seal, GLAD Freezer Bags and GLAD Storage Zipper Bags and GLAD Sandwich Zipper Bags.

Having these items to help us not waste food was great. Since I'm the main person in the kitchen, all of the items were very useful and helped store our fresh veggies and keep our leftovers protected for days. 

I really loved using the Storage Zipper Bags for my fresh veggies. I love making veggie omelettes for breakfast and having all my veggies washed, cut up and stored in a protected bag not only helped save time, but also kept them fresh. 

A few reasons food waste happens is because you buy more food than you really need, you forget about the leftovers in your fridge and you may be unsure about the best ways to store food. Here are a few tips to help you waste less:

Buy only what you need: Plan your meals ahead of time before going to the grocery store. I like to categorize all of the food I'll need for the meals I'm going to cook that week.

Use Those Leftovers: I normally cook about four times a week. I'll admit that once a week, I throw frozen food in the oven to save time during after school sports. The rest of the leftovers from that week are up for grabs during leftover night and are also packed in the hubby's lunch for work.

Protect Your Food: Making sure that you have the right storage items to make sure that your food doesn't go bad is important. You can use GLAD's Press n' Seal to help store and protect your meat and use the GLAD Sandwich Bags to help store nuts and candy.

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received GLAD product and a gift card at no cost for the purpose of this challenge. No other compensation was received.


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