Gifts For Men This Christmas!

Let’s face it: shopping for men is officially impossible. Trawling department stores yields row upon row of hopelessly boring ties, hip flasks and socks, and attempting to find a suitable aftershave is a minefield (if a sweet smelling one). But don’t worry ladies, it is possible to find the man in your life a practical, purposeful gift this Christmas and we have a few ideas for the well-groomed man, the foodie, the outdoor man and the gadget geek man. 

For the well-groomed
It might seem a little obvious, but you can’t go wrong with shaving accessories. Whether you opt for a classic packaged, high-quality brush for lathering up, some decadent post-shave balm, or a new, top of the line electric razor, it’s something he’ll use every day. For the jet-setter, consider a flight kit for his next business trip, or if he must insist on boycotting the razor, some beard oil will keep his facial tresses smelling.

For the foodie
If the guy you’re shopping for considers himself something of a gourmand, thank your lucky stars, for the opportunities for present shopping are endless. A chilli plant will give him the chance to grow his own fiery seasoning, while a teppanyaki grill is a cool way to prepare a sit-down dinner in front of his friends. As for drinks, consider a hand-curated mixed case of craft beer, a thoughtful and trendy treasure to stash under the Christmas tree.

For the outdoor type
The survivalist in your life can never have too many Swiss army knives, so invest in one in the certain knowledge it will be used, even if it’s just to knock the cap off a beer. A hand-cranked generator will keep a camper with a phone happy, and at full charge, or for ultimate brownie points, buy him a Go Pro to capture all his extreme survival antics from a first person point of view.

For the gadget geek
A true feat of modern engineering, the pop-up hotdog toaster is now a thing. If this sounds a little random, consider a Chromecast, a nifty device that turns any TV with a USB port into a smart one. If your male recipient is a keen golfer, he can attach a Swingbyte to his favourite club and perfect his swing without leaving the office, or cool down his beer in an instant with a freezable Chillsner.

With plenty of time and lots of options to pick from, don’t panic, you’re sure to get him the perfect present.


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