A Pumpkin Carving Party Starring @KFC_Canada's #SweetChiliCrunch

The week before Halloween, the hubby and I always have our nieces and nephews over and host a Pumpkin Carving Party. It's a time to get together with our family to laugh, chat and make lots of memories for both the kids and adults.

This year was no different, we usually have everyone over for dinner and after everyone is good and full, we then start carving our pumpkins. This year for dinner we had the opportunity to try out KFC's new Sweet Chili Crunch Chicken.

We decided to get 18 pieces of the new Sweet Chili Crunch so that everyone can taste the new chicken and also grabbed two 18 pieces of original chicken for those that don't like spicy food along with popcorn chicken for the little ones and lots of sides for everyone to enjoy that included, fries, mash potatoes, coleslaw and macaroni salad. We had a dinner party of 17 people, so this was plenty of food for everyone and we even had some left overs that the hubby took for lunch.

The Sweet Chili Crunch was absolutely delicious. Not only does this chicken have a great crunch to it, but it gives you a perfectly blended amount of both sweet and spice. When you first bite into it you definitely taste the sweetness of it. Once you start to chew and swallow that first bite, you then get the kick of the chili, which was great, especially since most of our family loves spicy food. Be sure to have a napkin handy, they are pretty sticky, but definitely worth getting messy for!

For as long as I can remember, KFC has always been a family friendly restaurant that I remember enjoying with my family when I was younger. Their chicken is still one of my all time favorites, besides my late grandmother's chicken, so this definitely brought back memories and I'm glad that KFC is still bringing families together with their delicious family friendly meals. I love how they allow you to have a variety bucket so that everyone can enjoy their favorite type of chicken from KFC.

Be sure to head to KFC and grab a bucket of their Sweet Chili Crunch Chicken before this limited edition is off the menus, November 23rd. Right now you can enjoy a nine piece with fries for only $19.99. You can also enjoy their variety buckets starting at $19.99 as well, so you can mix it up if you have family members who don't like spicy food.

After our delicious dinner was over. We cleaned up and started carving some pumpkins, the kids had a blast and their pumpkins turned out pretty awesome.

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