Donating to Charity the Way You Want

As the UK remains in the realms of financial insecurity, few people are yet to feel the benefits of the reported economic recovery.  Interest rates remain low and job security seems to be stabilising, yet people are still reluctant to spend on anything other than necessities whilst they continue to feel concerned about their future income.  Charities are suffering as a result because one of the first things that people tend to abandon when tightening their financial belts is a regular donation to charity.  Fewer people also have the time to raise money. 

Another challenge faced by charities is the negative media coverage that they receive when the press considers that they have invested or spent their funds unwisely.  Take, for instance, the case of the RSPCA spending money on prosecuting an illegal hunt.  The offenders were found guilty and fined, but because the size of the fines was far smaller than the size of the legal fees spent by the RSPCA it was deemed ‘irresponsible’ for ‘wasting’ the money it had been given through donations. 

All large charities have a wide range of responsibilities and financial liabilities that enable them to continue to meet their aims and continue to function.  Money spent on advertising campaigns, for instance, generates more regular donations than the cost of the campaign.  Money spent on legal fees by the RSPCA is necessary if the RSPCA’s power to prosecute criminals is to have any ‘teeth’.  What would be the point in there being any animal welfare laws if there was nobody willing to enforce them?

But in recognition of the fact that people may be struggling to make regular donations, and that they may want to see what money they can afford to donate have some tangible benefit, the RSPCA has developed Choices.  RSPCA Choices offers a number of projects (that you can search through by location, species, type of work, people involved in the charity and projects with the greatest level of need.  Your money, whether donated or given following a fundraising event will go directly to that project.  Normally the RSPCA (like all other charities) would prioritise the spending needs for project funding, but RSPCA Choices puts that power in the hands of the people who are generous enough to donate or raise funds.

This is project funding reinvented and the RSPCA hopes that it will encourage more people to donate and to raise money to support the aims of the charity.  When you donate or fundraise for a particular project the total is shown against the overall total and you will receive updates as to the progress made on your chosen project.  It is an innovative and imaginative way to get the public more involved in how the charity functions.

If you are able to spare the time to raise money for the RSPCA or if you are inspired to make a donation by the details of the projects on the RSPCA Choices website then you can be sure that your money will make a difference in the way that you want it to.


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