Playtex Twist 'n Click Snacker and Bowl Review

 The new Playtex Twist ’n Click Snacker and Bowl are designed for toddlers and parents on the go as an easy way to give kids that extra fuel to keep them active throughout the day. Using the unique twist and click technology that makes the product 100% leak-proof, the Snacker and Bowl is an easy solution for transporting healthy snacks such as fruit, cheeses, or dry cereals and is ideal to toss in a diaper bag.

My two year old toddler loves to have snacks and with the new snacker and bowl from Playtex I can let her do just that while we're at home or on the go. Such a great idea from Playtex. These containers lock which is great for less mess and the snacker is spill proof and has an easy lip that flips over for when she is done, which is awesome. These bad boys also are dishwasher safe, which is something you need when you're a busy mom.

The best part about these Twist 'n Click is that they are perfect for long car rides and trips. My parents live about a half an hour away, so we're always in the car making trips to visit them during the week and with the snacker and bowl, it's been a lot easier to go and drive while my little one can snack on the way there. I've tried other containers and with them the snacks always ends up all over my van which just causes for more clean up time for mommy and doesn't make me happy. With these the hole is small enough to fit her little hand in, but it does not dump out if it's turned over, which is perfect. 

The snacker is retailed at $5.49 and the bowl is retailed for $7.99, but comes in a two pack. And the best of all is that if you're not satisfied with the Playtex Twist 'n Click you can return it for its full value or for replacement, but from my experience I don't think that will be needed! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received both the Playtex Twist 'n Click bowl and snacker at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received 


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