House of Q BBQ Sauce Review

House of Q is an award winning BBQ Sauce Canadian team that started competitive cooking in 2006 and a later, 2007, launched their own BBQ line with spices and sauces.

We had the wonderful opportunity to try some of the award winning sauces, including their signature, Apple Butter Sauce that was declared the number one sauce in Alberta. I have to say I definitely share their opinions. We got to try all four flavors, Apple Butter, Sugar and Spice, Rock N' Red and their Spice Rub and let me tell you we were definitely more then pleased and left wondering why I haven't seen these sauces in any of my local stores yet, they're definitely worth trying.

We tried the Apple Butter and dry rub on a couple of slabs of ribs and I think these were one of the best ribs I've had in a very long time. My husband was more then pleased and overly stuffed himself because they were that good. The sweetness and smokiness of the Apple Butter Sauce went perfect with ribs and I'd definitely recommend this to friends and family.

We also tried the Sugar and Spice and let me just say it is spicy and was my second favorite out of the sauces. I rubbed this sauce on chicken breasts, let it set on their for a couple of hours and then grilled them. The sweetness and the spice mixed so well together. This chicken was definitely kicked up a couple of notches and put out the heat. If spice isn't what you're looking for I'd suggest the Apply Butter instead. This sauce is definitely for us out there that love a bit of kick in their food.

For the Slow Smoke Gold Sauce I was unsure what to make with these, so I went to House of Q's website and they suggested deviled eggs, so I thought I'd try it. This sauce gives a whole new meaning to deviled eggs and gives it an amazing kick. It's tangy, zesty and has a bit of spice to it, which is something I loved and something my guests really loved when I took the deviled eggs to a BBQ a couple of weeks ago. I took tons of pics, so a recipe for these Golden Deviled Eggs will be posted soon!

Their latest and newest sauce, Rock N' Red is just how it sounds, it's rockin'! It brings a new taste to the Apple Butter sauce with some spice! I tried these with a few burgers and they definitely made them taste a whole lot better. I loved that when you first taste the sauce you taste the sweetness and that the after bite of it was spicy.

I think what I loved most about all of the sauces and seasoning from House of Q's is that they were unique and something I can add to any recipe and having friends and family ask what's the secret ingredient, lol. They're that good. You can purchase any of the sauces and their dry rub on House of Q's online store if they aren't sold in your town.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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