The Best of Caillou: Caillou's Mysteries & Adventures DVD Review

Join Caillou as he embarks on another series of adventures that will lead him to new and exciting discoveries in THE BEST OF CAILLOU – CAILLOU’S MYSTERIES & ADVENTURES!  Delightfully imaginative and intrepid, Caillou is ready to teach kids about nature, patience, creativity and outdoor activities.  In these twelve new-to-DVD episodes, Caillou becomes a detective, takes his first trip down a water slide, and even learns how to fly an airplane!  THE BEST OF CAILLOU – CAILLOU’S MYSTERIES & ADVENTURES DVD includes 12 exciting adventures, interactive games, coloring pages and a special message to parents.  Over 4 million households tune in to watch “Caillou” each month.

My son has been a huge Caillou fan ever since I can remember. So when the opportunity to review The Best Of Caillou I was pretty excited because I knew he would be and I was right. When I showed him the DVD he took it and screamed, "Yay!" And since it is Summer we had time to sit down and watch the DVD, in one day! Some of the episodes we've seen  before, a couple of news ones, but what we love is that throughout every episode of Caillou, we're left with learning a lesson. Also, who can forget his sister, Rosie?! She's cute and funny and one of my favorite characters on the show, lol. Another thing that we loved was the special features on the DVD. We're really big on special features, always wanting to know what's extra on the DVD. The coloring pages from the special feature was a hit. I printed out a few and my little one colored them and had a ball doing so. It kept him busy for a good while. Look for Caillou's Mysteries & Adventures as it hits shelves July 10, 2012! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Caillou's Mysteries & Adventures at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received


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