Margaret DVD & Blu-ray Review

From Academy Award® nominated* writer/director Kenneth Lonergan (You Can Count On Me) comes a stirring drama Rolling Stone calls “a film of rare beauty and shocking gravity.” Anna Paquin, Matt Damon and Mark Ruffalo lead a celebrated cast in the story of a Manhattan teenager whose life is profoundly altered after witnessing a terrible accident. Experience an emotional teen’s extraordinary journey to set things right as her innocent ideals come crashing against the harsh realities of the adult world. It’s an “extraordinarily ambitious film,” raves Time Magazine. Will be released on Blu-ray combo pack July 10.


Kind thanks to Fox Entertainment for the opportunity to review the 2011 movie ‘Margaret’, a drama starring Anna Paquin and co-starring Matt Damon.  I’m always excited to get the chance to snuggle up with hubby and watch a movie and then chat it up after, but I find it a little bit tough to write a fair review when the movie isn’t the type we usually enjoy, and that’s what happened here with ‘Margaret’.  Truthfully, it took quite a bit of determination to make it all the way through the 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of slow-moving story line and awkward acting.  It felt a lot like a low-budget foreign film (though it’s based out of New York).  

While there was kind of a plot that the movie tried to follow, (a young girl dealing with guilt over the lost life of a stranger in a pedestrian-versus-bus accident), it just felt like the scenes strayed constantly and the acting was oddly awkward.  There were a good amount of in-classroom debates, so that may intrigue a more controvertible personality than my own. 

I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed this movie, but I would love to hear another opinion from our readers here, so please post if you get the chance to watch it.


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