2012 ROYALE Canada Collection Giveaway

What I love most about Royale Canada is that not only is their facial tissue affordable and of great quality, but I've always loved their designs on their boxes. I never even really thought about who took the images or that they were every day people such as yourself. So when I got the opportunity to share their 2012 Collection with you all, I thought why not? I love Royale, it's a brand that we use in our home often. To my surprise when I agreed to share with you all about the Royale Collection that I would receive the entire collection. I think I may have been a little too excited. 

 Since 2009, The Royale Canada Collection has brought remarkable images into the homes of Canadians by inviting amateur and professional photographers to submit their most inspiring photos to be voted on by members of the Moment with Royale Online Community. The eight beautiful photos that receive the most votes become the design idea for the facial tissue boxes in the Royale Canada Collection.

For the 2012 Collection, more than 9,000 photos were submitted and more than 500,000 votes determined the winners. Now, to celebrate the winners and the launch of the 2012 Royale Canada Collection. Below I have listed the a bit of info of this years Royale Canada Collection winners along with a tip on how to capture an image, plus a great giveaway!

Introducing the Winners of the 2012 ROYALE Canada Collection
The winning photos of the 2012 ROYALE Canada Collection contest represent stunning scenery and vivid images of nature from coast to coast. These photos have been used as the inspiration for the 2012 Canada Collection facial tissues boxes, which are available from retailers across Canada until July 2012.

1.   Fabulous Springtime! ‐ BC
2.   Perfection in Simplicity ‐ BC
3.   Modern Flower ‐ SK
4.   End to a Perfect Day ‐ ON
5.   Sunflowers ‐ QC
6.   Sun & Summer ‐ QC
7.   Dollars de Sable ‐ QC
8.   Crepuscular Rays ‐ NB

Title: Fabulous Springtime!
Photographer: Mike from Saanichton, BC
Photo Taken: Along a rural road in Victoria
To Mike, spring is a time of optimism and beauty as the scents are clean, the air is fresh and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Interested in “organic” photos, Mike found these tree branches to be the perfect subject.
Tip: To stand out from the crowd you have to be very good or different. To be different, take your camera off the auto setting or try photographing
from a different perspective.

Title: Perfection in Simplicity
Photographer: Caroline from Surrey, BC
Photo Taken: In her sister’s garden in Surrey
Caroline loves walking through gardens and parks, taking candid photos of the different flowers, trees, animals, birds and other creatures. She took this photo as she felt the flower was perfect, simple and a miracle.
Tip: Find the fascination and appreciation in the simple things that tend not to get noticed and photograph them.

Title: Modern Flower
Photographer: Julia from Saskatoon, SK
Photo Taken: At her apartment in Saskatoon
This photo is a modern twist on the flower ‐ elegant, simple, able to fit in perfectly with today's understated, neutral‐toned decorating trends. Julia enjoyed the challenge of taking a photo of a flower, and seeing it in a different way and from a different angle.
Tip: Open your eyes and see what's around you; see all the details, see everything. It's seeing and revealing what you see to others through your photos that makes you a photographer.

Title: End to a Perfect Day
Photographer: Janice from Toronto, ON
Photo Taken: At a cottage near Buckhorn, ON
Janice took this photo to reflect the end of a perfect day and the anticipation of tomorrow. Her photo captures a relaxing day at the cottage, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with quiet loons calling.
Tip: Take photos that speak to you in some way. Take lots of photos and edit.

Title: Sunflowers
Photographer: Lise from Notre‐Dame‐de‐Pontmain , QC
Photo Taken: At her parent's home
This photo was captured on a beautiful day with the sun shining bright. The sunflowers were young and imperfect and the way the light brought out the yellow seemed too lovely for Lise to pass up.
Tip: Never think you have “the” perfect photo. Keep looking for it and keep having fun.

Title: Sun & Summer
Photographer: Karine from Laval, QC
Photo Taken: At her home in Laval
Many flowers that bloom in summer have vibrant colours that can really take your breath away. With its powerful red colour, Karine thought this flower would be interesting to photograph, especially in the sunlight.
Tip: Practice and originality is a must for capturing the perfect photograph.

Title: Dollars de Sable
Photographer: Jacqueline from Matane, QC
Photo Taken: At Matane Gaspésie
Sand dollars are a good luck charm. Jacqueline describes them as sweet and delicate gems from the sea and loves to take photos of them. Legend has it that if you break the center and make a wish, you will release doves.
Tip: Look with the eyes of your heart and be patient.

Title: Crepuscular Rays
Photographer: Margaret from Six Roads, NB
Photo Taken: At a local beach in Four Roads
Although it was the church in the background that first drew Margaret to take this photo, she found that the determination of the sun to overpower the clouds was rather magical and worth preserving.
Tip: Look beyond what you see at first sight and take pictures from many different angles until you get “The One” that stands out.

Which is your favorite?

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the 2012 Royale Canada Collection at no cost. No other compensation was received.

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