Molson Canadian 67 Sublime Review

If you will recall, last week's Thirsty Thursday I made a Skinny Sangria with Molson Canadian 67 Sublime. Today I will be sharing with you my review on the beer itself. 

A little background on Molson Canadian 67, it was the first low cal beer in Canada launching in 2009. Each (341 ml) bottle has just 67 calories, which is pretty great if you ask me.  In 2011, Molson Canadian 67 launched their second family member to the low cal portfolio called, Molson Canadian 67 Sublime  (lemon and lime). They took and combined two lifestyle trends of low cal and flavour in a perfectly delicious package.

I had the opportunity to review Molson Canadian 67 sublime and let me just say this beer is refreshing, delicious and worth giving a try. As I said before I'm not much of a beer person. I mean I have a beer every now and then, especially on hot days when I'm outside working on our backyard and maybe if I'm at a BBQ, but usually most beers make me feel bloated. I can honestly say that the sublime beer didn't make me feel that way.

The taste of the delicious beer with the hint of lemon and lime, which was just right, not too overpowering and not to weak where you can't tell that it's there, was really good. One of the best parts of this was knowing that the beer was only 67 calories, which is about half the calories of a glass of wine or a single mixed drink and one-third fewer calories than light beer. So I was able to enjoy the beer and not feel guilty about it.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a six pack of Molson Canadian 67 Sublime. No other compensation was received.


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