Thirsty Thursday: Sarasota Raspberry

It's hot over here. I'm not complaining, I'd rather have the heat then snow or rain any day. Last weekend was spent around the house, hanging out and relaxing since the hubby was leaving to go out of town for work all this week. We got yard work done, had good food and both of our kids (six and four) are finally riding their bikes without training wheels. We are so excited for them and proud.

Anyways, the hubby had beers and since Summer is literally around the corner, I wanted something refreshing to drink. So before I hit the LCBO, I went browsing through lovely pinterest and found a Sarasota Lemonade recipe from The Pampered Jess. Check out the blog, she has some really good recipes and some Thirsty Thursday drinks I'm going to have to try.

Her Sarasota Lemonade looked delicious, I wanted to try it then and there, so I went and got all the ingredients. The thing is, her recipe was for a group of people. I wasn't hosting any gathering this was just for me throughout the weekend, so my recipe is slight different then hers. Another thing, it doesn't have lemonade in it. I know. I went to Walmart and found no frozen concentrated lemonade and the recipe calls for it. So being me I picked up a frozen berry concentrated mix instead and went on my way.

I'll give you my version of the recipe. I think it came out fantastic and it hit the spot. It was delicious and the fresh raspberries went so well with it. I will definitely be making this again throughout the Summer. This would be perfect for a girls luncheon or BBQ. I'm also going to try Jess' recipe with frozen lemonade, so I'll keep you all posted on how that turns out for me.

Sarasota Raspberry
Source: Adapted from The Pampered Jess

1 Bottle of Moscato
1 1/2 Sprite
1/2 Can Frozen Berry Concentrate
Fresh Raspberries

Empty all ingredients into a pitcher and stir. Mash up a handful of raspberries and then pour them in the pitcher. Place some of the other non mashed raspberries into glass and pour drink and enjoy!

If serving for a group of people, double the amount of ingredients. 


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