Method Laundry Detergent Review #HappyCleaning @methodtweet

I'm a big Method fan. I've been using their all purpose spray, dish soap and wood cleaner for over a year now and have been very pleased with the outcome.

One of their products I hadn't tried yet was their Method Laundry Detergent in Fresh Air Scent, which I recently was given the opportunity to test out and I was pretty excited. I was sent two bottles of their 8 loads that is valued at $3.99 per bottle. Let me just say that my family and I usually use Purex. I think because it was a detergent that my mother had used and so when I moved out and was finally on my own that was just the brand that I stuck with, mainly because it was affordable. That's something you don't want to do, which is something I've learned. When making your decision on what brand to use, you want to consider which brand will work the hardest in getting your clothes clean.

 Since trying Method Laundry Detergent, let me just say that I have purchased the bigger bottles and am loving this detergent. Not only does this detergent smell wonderful, but it actually works and gets out stained clothes, which is something every mom would love with kids running around the house. When trying this detergent I made sure to use it on the kids clothes because their clothes are the ones with the most stains and dirt on them. Let me just say that this detergent and my son's clothes are now best friends, lol. It got out his dirt and grass stains that he comes home with daily from school and that's something that makes me happy. I also love that it makes my husband's work uniforms look and smell wonderful and that's also a plus. Another thing that I loved was that these bottles take up less room on my shelves in my laundry room and I had fun using their pump to squirt out the detergent in my washer.

Now, I'm not saying go run out and switch your laundry detergent, but why not give Method a try? It's awesome that they have their small bottles that are less than five bucks so that anyone can try them and if you love the outcome, buy more! Not to mention how nifty these smaller bottles are, which is perfect for traveling!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products to test out and share by the PR company. No post was required.  No compensation was received.


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