Taste of Home Cooking School Cookbook Review

Title: Taste of Home Cooking School Cookbook
By: Taste of Home
Publisher: Reader's Digest Canada
ISBN: 978-0898219456
Pages: 320

Home cooking comes to gorgeous full-color life with the Taste of Home Cooking School Cookbook! It’s loaded with instructional photos, easy-to-follow recipes and insightful tips from our Cooking School experts. Contemporary topics are comprehensively explored with techniques ranging from simple basics to true wow-factor recipes! New cooks will build confidence and wow family and friends with their creations!

This book is absolutely amazing. with over 400 recipes, this has become one of my favorite cookbooks that I have in my house. I got a chance to review this cookbook and let me tell you, the recipes in here all look so yummy.  I've tried a couple of the recipes and if you remember our Thirsty Thursday drink last week was a recipe I got from in this book.

 One of my favorite parts about this cookbook was how they sectioned everything off. You have your drinks, appetizers, desserts, etc. But I love that they give you a section of the book that is called, "Better Than Takeout," which includes so many different wonderful homemade meals that you would see at a fast food place, which to me is awesome because who doesn't love fast food and it's even better and cheaper when you make it from home. 

Another thing I loved about this book was that they not only had recipes, but they also had tips and techniques that you could use every day in your kitchen that I wouldn't have thought of like how to measure correctly and they also let you know which knife is what in the kitchen as well as what each pots and pans look like.

This book is definitely good for anyone who wants to start learning the basics in cooking and for those of us that have been cooking for a bit, it gives us a refresher on everything, plus new ways to make our recipes even better. Definitely a cookbook worth getting! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Taste of Home cooking School Cookbook at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.  


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