Project Jackalope Book Review

Title: Project Jackalope
By: Emily Ecton
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: March 21, 2012 
ISBN: 9781452101552
Pages: 256

Jeremy's troubles begin when his eccentric neighbor leaves him an "experiment" for safekeeping-a jackalope! This so-called mythological creature looks like a bunny rabbit, but comes with razor-sharp antlers and is purported to be a ruthless killer. When government agents show up at Jeremy's house seeking the jackalope for their own nefarious purposes, Jeremy must find a way to protect the jackalope, and himself. So he reluctantly joins forces with Agatha, his holier-than-thou genius neighbor. Together, with the jackalope (and his weapons-grade antlers) tucked away in a backpack, they have only one chance to save Jack and still get their science fair projects in on time. With her striking sense of humor, Emily Ecton has created a hilarious and suspenseful adventure.

I found this book to be pretty interesting. I've never read anything like it. I didn't hate it, but I don't think it was for me. There were a few funny parts that had me chuckling a bit out loud, but for the most part the book was just okay. It didn't have me wanting to turn to the next page or chapter to see what was going to happen next, which is something I look for when I'm reading anything.

I do think that this is definitely something a younger crowd would love and appreciate much more then me and if you love anything about science you'll be intrigued and want to know more about this Jackalope. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Project Jackalope at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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