Mike and Ike Broke Up...Help Find Them!

You heard right. The name behind the delicious fruit chewy candies have split. When I first heard about this I was shocked, how could this be. I posted on twitter and facebook and got a couple of comments and replies, mainly people were shocked. I remember growing up eating Mike and Ike. If you look at their new boxes you'll notice that Mike's name is scratched out. It's a big notice that even my kids had a reaction to when they saw it on the box of candies we were sent. My daughter asked why Mike's name was scratched out, I told her the entire story and she responded with, "Well I hope they get back together so that the box is pretty again," LOL! 

Anyways, there's a contest going on that I'd love to share with you guys. Enter the “Where Are Mike and Ike?” contest to win an Apple iPod Touch and other prizes, as well as help get the two candy icons back together! The contest runs until July 11th – contestants can enter HERE.

Participants will be given a link to one of the MIKE AND IKE social media pages to get a clue that will help them answer their question. Each Tuesday and Friday, a new question will appear on the contest page.

Participants can earn points by answering the questions correctly, sending tweets about the contest, liking the MIKE AND IKE Facebook page and emailing up to five (5) friends per day requesting that they enter the contest (points are awarded only after the friend participates).

During the contest, participants can view a leader board to see which three players have the highest number of points.

After July 11th, the one (1) participant with the highest number of points will receive an Apple iPod Touch. Four (4) second prize winners will each receive an Apple iPod Shuffle. Fifteen (15) third prize winners will each receive a box of twenty four (24) 1.8 oz bags of MIKE AND IKE Original Fruits and a MIKE AND IKE t-shirt.

In addition, each week there will be a random drawing that will award any of the participants a MIKE AND IKE t-shirt and a box of twenty four (24) 1.8 oz bags of MIKE AND IKE Original Fruits.

To Enter:
Participants can enter the contest by visiting HERE!



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