Keep Cancer On A Leash!

Did you know that an average four dogs die of cancer and for cats it's one out of eight? I didn't. It's really sad to know that there are so many animals out there that are suffering. I can't imagine our dog Izzie going through something so painful.

What's comforting to know throughout the sadness, is that groundbreaking work is being done at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in treating cancer in pets. It's not only helping to keep our beloved furry family members alive, it’s also giving us a better understanding of the disease and leading to improved care for human cancer patients, which is definitely something we all want.

Keep Cancer On A Leash is a new campaign supported by Nestle Purina Petcare Canada geared to make awareness about the disease that's harming our furry family members. With that in mind, they created a really adorable music video starring dogs singing a couple different songs. Definitely check it out below, it's worth the watch. Some of the dogs that are in the video are cancer survivors.

Donating today to Ontario Veterinary College will help them with their research in helping our animals. And with each donation, Purina Canada will match up to $125,000 in individual donations to


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