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What do a garden snail and a taco truck owner have in common? Well, in most cases the answer would probably be “nothing.” However, in the comedy-adventure Turbo, both characters have a huge dream that they need one another to accomplish. Turbo is a garden snail with an incredible gift of speed, but no one to believe in him. Until he met Tito, a taco truck owner who was down on his luck with business. In a race against time to pursue their dreams, the two meet in the knick of time to enter in the Indy 500, and change their lives forever.

To help you warm up your engines for this hysterical film this Holiday season, we’ve put together a list of other films that have unlikely animal and human friendships in family film!

Dr. Dolittle

Eddie Murphy stars as the title character in 1998’s Dr. Doolittle, a film about a doctor who realizes he has the unique ability to understand and talk to animals!

How To Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon, tells the story of Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel), a young Viking teenager, who aspires to be a dragon slayer. After capturing his first dragon, he realizes he doesn’t want to kill it and instead befriends it.

Free Willy

In 1993’s Free Willy, 12 year-old Jesse is forced to work at a theme park as penance for vandalizing it. There, he meets and befriends Willy, a captive orca whale with a collapsed dorsal fin. 

What's your favorite movie where an unlikely animal and human friendship happens?


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