Amoré Almonds + Dairy

I'm always looking for new items to introduce to my family that are not only delicious, but also affordable and good for us. We're a family of four and we go through milk like crazy. If I'm not mixing it in food I'm making sure that my little ones are at least having a couple cups a day so that they can get their two servings they need a day.

Did you know that two thirds of Canadians are not getting the minimum two servings of milk that are recommended each day? Amoré Almonds + Dairy gives you a new way to enjoy milk and to meet your Health guidelines. Dairy promotes strong healthy bones and almonds help maintain heart health, so when together they provide an even better nutritional goodness. Not to mention how delicious almond milk is.

Amoré Almonds + Dairy comes in two flavours, Original and Vanilla. They taste great on their own and are also the perfect to go with smoothies, coffee, berries and cereal. Which is definitely something I can see myself adding to my meals and also using in my smoothies.

Amoré is available in 1.75L cartons and is retailed around $5.29. It's available in the refrigerated dairy section at grocery retailers across the country.

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