Book Review: The In-Between by Barbara Stewart

Title: The In-Between
By: Barbara Stewart
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: November 5, 2013
ISBN: 9781250030160
Pages: 256
When Elanor’s near-death experience opens a door to a world inhabited by bold, beautiful Madeline, she finds her life quickly spiraling out of control
Fourteen-year-old Elanor Moss has always been an outcast who fails at everything she tries—she's even got the fine, white scars to prove it. Moving was supposed to be a chance at a fresh start, a way to leave behind all the pain and ugliness of her old life. But, when a terrible car accident changes her life forever, her near-death experience opens a door to a world inhabited by Madeline Torus . . . Madeline is everything Elanor isn’t: beautiful, bold, brave. She is exactly what Elanor has always wanted in a best friend and more—their connection runs deeper than friendship. But Madeline is not like other girls, and Elanor has to keep her new friend a secret or risk being labeled “crazy.” Soon, though, even Elanor starts to doubt her own sanity. Madeline is her entire life, and that life is drastically spinning out of control. Elanor knows what happens when your best friend becomes your worst enemy. But what happens when your worst enemy is yourself?
Whoa....This is definitely a story that will only appeal to a certain amount of readers. I'm not sure how many will like it. I however found it pretty fascinating and couldn't put the book done. The story will have you questioning pretty much every thing that's happening whether or not it's real or in Elanor's mind.  It was definitely a page turner for me and kept me thinking and guessing and had me second guessing myself all throughout the book.

We know in the beginning that Elanor and her parents are driving to their new home trying to start a new chapter in their life from an incident that happened in the past. On the way to their new home an accident happens leaving Elanor's mom dead, father alive (so we think in the beginning) and she's having problems grasping reality in some ways and having us as readers have a hard time grasping it too.

Throughout the story we see that Elanor meets Madeline, a girl who just walks into her room and wants to hang out with her. It's weird because Elanor doesn't find Madeline's entrance weird at all leaving us readers wondering whether or not this character really exists. There are times where Elanor wakes up and doesn't remember what happened during her black outs,  There were a few times where I put the book done because I was trying to think of how some of the things could be and found myself picking it back up because I had to finish the chapter to find out. 

This book will leave you wanting more and not really getting all the answers you want, just seeing that there is some type of mentally illness with Elanor. This is a  story that gets you from the beginning and have you questioning what you're reading as you're reading it. I loved it!
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received The In-Between at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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