Take the @Dove Go Sleeveless 5 Day Challenge!

I've been using Dove Deodorant for over ten years now. I think I started right after I left home for college and started buying my own bath, beauty and hygiene supplies. I use to wear Cucumber Melon and last year switched it up to Pomegranate, which smells heavenly and works great.

Well last week I got to take the Dove Go Sleeveless Five Day Challenge. The challenge was to switch it up from my daily deodorant and try Dove's Go Sleeveless Anti-perspirant. I was to wear it for five days to see if I noticed softer and smoother underarms. The deodorant also provides over 24 hour odor and wetness protection, which I have to say did its job, especially when odor was concerned. All last week I was getting ready for my son's birthday party doing yard work and although I was sweating, under my arms still smelled pretty great.

Dove has always provided me with dry and odor free underarms while still smelling great. So I knew I had to take the challenge to see if I could notice smoother underarms, who wouldn't want that?!

I definitely noticed a difference and am still wearing the deodorant even after the five days. When applying the deodorant on, I loved how smooth and easy it went on. This is because Dove combined both a moisturizer and antiperspirant together and the moisturizer acts as a lotion which provides you with smoother underarms.

Dove's Go Sleeveless is a great deodorant for us all, especially around this time of year. With how the weather has been from dry and hot to rainy and humid out, this is definitely a great deodorant to have and wear during the Summer months! 

So go ahead, take the challenge if you haven't already and please feel free to come back to the blog and let us know how it worked for you.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received samples of Dove Go Sleeveless at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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